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Donation of the Shi’a Reference Resources to the Center for International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies of Malaysia

Iranʼs Cultural Advisory donated more than 250 reference books from rich sources of jurisprudence, interpretative, and Shi’a hadith books to the Center for International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies of Malaysia.

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Opening of the Thirty fourth International Book Fair of Tunisia
Tunisian Thirty fourth International Book Fair opens with presence of Mohamed Zine El Abidine, Minister of Culture of Tunisia on Friday April 6th. The exhibition will continue until April 15th.
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Opening Spring Course on Persian Language Learning in Syria
The ninety-third course of Persian language teaching was held with the participation of student of this course and instructors at the hall of the Iranian studies Centre in Irans Cultural Advisory in Syria.
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Iran-Georgia Cooperation on Religious Dialogue
Iranʼs Cultural Adviser met with the Chairman of the State Agency on Religious Issues of Georgia and talked about bilateral relations in cultural and religious affairs, and religious dialogues on Islam and Orthodox Church Patriarchate.
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Thirty Seventh Annual Seminars of Iranian Studies in Japan
Doshisha University of Japan hosted the thirty seventh annual seminars of Iranian studies in Kyoto which lasted for two days.
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Developing Cultural Relation between Iran and Oman
Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammadreza Nouri Shahroudi, Iranʼs Ambassador to Oman and Bahman Akbari, Iranʼs cultural advisor in Oman have met with Abdol Aziz bn al_Rowasi, cultural Advisor to the Sultan of Oman.
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Conducting a meeting on the study about Rumi’s thoughts in the works of Mohammad Ali Movahed in Ankara
With the help of Iranian cultural advisory and with the cooperation of Persian Language and Literature Department of the University of Ankara, the meeting on “study about Rumi’s thoughts in the scientific and research works of Mohammad Ali Movahed, Iranian prominent researcher who has done extensive study about Rumi" was held in Turkey.
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The conference "Iranology in the Balkans" will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The international conference "Iranology in the Balkans" will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 10 and 11 this year.
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Mahraveh Sharifinia won the Best Female Award at the Greece Film Festival
Mahraveh Sharifinia won the best actress award for playing in the movie “Wanders around me” in the “Bridges International Film Festival” in Greece.
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Fifth Literary Meeting of Persian Education Center in Ankara
The fifth literary meeting of the cultural office of Iran’s embassyʼs center for Persian language and literature was held with the title of Sohrab Sepehri in Turkey.
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Iran’s Cultural Advisor Visits National Library of Uganda
Ali Bakhtiari, Iranʼs cultural advisor in Uganda, visited the national library of Uganda and met with Odina Katunguisa, the manager of the library.
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Translation of the Book of "The Architecture of Iran, Islamic Era" to Istanbul Turkish
With the help of the Iranʼs Cultural Advisory and the support by the Center for Organizing Islamic Translation and Publication of Islamic Education and Islamic Sciences, Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the book of "The Architecture of Iran, Islamic Era" was translated to Istanbul Turkish and published by "Iraniat" Publishing House of Turkey.
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Contemporary Iranian Philosophy Translated in Turkey
With the e cooperation of Iranʼs cultural affiliate in Erzurum and the Center for Translation and Publication of Islamic sciences and humanities of Islamic Culture and Relations, the book “Contemporary Iranian Philosophy” has been translated and published.
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The Unveiling of the Translation of Mohammad Ali Movahed in Istanbul
The unveiling of the translation of the books of "Haya-hu Bar Sare Hich" and "Shams-e Tabrizi" in Istanbul Turkishand and "Tashih-e Mathnawi Manavi" by Mohammad Ali Movahed will be held in Istanbul.
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The Broadcasting of the Series of "Prophet Joseph" from Venezuelaʼs National Television
At the same time as holding the holy week and Easter holidays in the Christian world, Iranʼs Cultural Advisory in Venezuela, in collaboration with the Iranian television network of "HispanTV", began broadcasting the series of "Prophet Joseph" from the ANTV television channel in Venezuela.
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Holding of Baghdad International Book Fair
Baghdad International Book Fair opened with the participation of 18 countries, hosted by Iraq in its capital, Baghdad, with the active presence of the Iranʼs Cultural Advisory.
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Publication of "The Message of Islam" Periodical Literature in Thailand
Through the Cultural Advisory of Iran in Thailand, "The Message of Islam" periodical literature with the theme of the graceful features of the Heavenly Message of Islam and the unifying role of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was published in 64 pages and in one thousand copies in Thai language.
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Ayatollah Arafi visited Bangladesh
The head of the Al-Mustafa International University travelled to Bangladesh with the aim of identify and evaluating the capacities available to expand the universityʼs activities.
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Conducting Iranʼs Cultural Day in Qatar
Iranʼs cultural day was held with the support of Iranʼs cultural Advisory in the Qatari Football Federation during Qatarʼs cultural days.
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Conducting the Twelfth International Theater Festival “Atus “in Turkey
Turkeyʼs Atus International Theater Festival was held with participation of art groups "Aina" and "Pasha" from Iran at the Contemporary Arts Center of Ankara Municipality.
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Holding of Nowruz Celebration in the Philippines
Iranʼs Cultural Advisory in the Philippines held the New Year celebrations with the participation of Iranian residents.
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