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Conducting the 80th Birthday of Farhad Fakhredini in Baku

The 80th anniversary of Mr. Farhad Fakhrediniʼs birthday was conducted in Baku, in cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iranʼs Cultural Advisor.

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Conducting the fourth literary meeting in Ankara
The fourth literary meeting titled "A Look at the Works of Rumi" was held at the Persian Language Center of Ankara.
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Investigation of "The Position of Persian Language in Turkey" in Istanbul
The position of Persian language and literature in Turkey was examined by the presence of a group of Iranian culture and art lovers in Istanbul.
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Special Programs for Nowruz are held in Japan
With the performance of the traditional music group "Naghmeh" in Isfahan, special programs of Nowruz are held by our countryʼs cultural advisory in Japan.
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Conducting Contest "Painting on the boat" in Oman
The "Painting on the Boat" contest, titled Omani Heritage, was held on 15th of March at the Cultural Tourism Festival at Al-riyam Park in Oman.
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Commemoration of "Parvin Etesami" in Armenia
The ceremony of commemorating Parvin Etesami, the most famous Iranian poet was held at the State University of Yerevan with the support of the cultural advisory of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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The beginning of the Iranian Film Festival in the city of Johor, Malaysia
The last stage of the Iranian Film Festival has begun with the participation of a large number of Malaysian enthusiasts and Iranian resident in the Golden Screen Film Hall of the Paradigm Cinema of Johor.
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Beginning of the 17th Iranian Film Festival in Serbia
The 17th Iranian Film Festival in Serbia, with the support of our countryʼs cultural advisory, began at the Kinotka Cinema Museum in Belgrade.
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Conducting Nowruz ceremony for Kyrgyzstan student Persian learner
The Nowruz program of Persian learner students was held at the Kyrgyzstan Humanities University, with the presence of the head of the Oriental Department and a group of professors and students of the university, the Ambassador and Cultural Center of Iran in Kyrgyzstan.
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Holding a seminar on "The Role of Religious Thinking on Family and Society Health" in Thailand
The seminar "The Role of Religious Thinking on Family and Society Health" was held on the basis of the Fatima Zahra (S) educational model, in collaboration with the Iranian Cultural advisory in Thailand.
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Performing the Art Group "Alamoto" in New Delhi
The Art Group "Alamoto", an expedition from the administration of cultural cooperation and Iranian affairs abroad from the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in New Delhi, performed the program.
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Displaying of Iranian women artists in the Philippines
The works of Iranian artist women were shown by the Cultural Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Philippines.
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Conducting a cultural meeting of Iranian residents in Mumbai
A cultural meeting of Iranian people residing in Mumbai, India, with a presence of a number of staff members affiliated with the institutions and organs of our country in Mumbai.
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Development of cultural cooperation between Iran and Algeria
Mr. Seyed Abdulamir Mousavidbadr, Iranʼs Cultural Advisor in Algeria, visited some scientific, academic, media figures of this country due to Development of cultural and scientific cooperation.
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Publication of books "Islamic Awakening" and "Islamic Mysticism" in Karachi
The cultural representation of our country in Karachi, the books of Islamic Awakening, published the dissertation by Ms. Batul Yousefi and "Islamic mysticism" by Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi in Urdu Language in the form of a top design.
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Conducting the Second Iranian film makers Workshop in Malaysia
At the same time as the Iranian Film Festival in Malaysia, the Second Iranian filmmakers Workshop was held for Malaysian enthusiasts at the Aswara Art University.
 11:31 - 15/03/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
The conference "Culture and Politics in Iranian History" was held in Moscow
The second scientific conference of Iranianologists "Culture and Politics in Iranian History" was held at the State University of the Humanities of Russia (14th of March).
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Iranian Artists participated at Oman Provinceʼs Tourism Festival
The Cultural and Tourism Heritage Festival of the Omani Province will be held during the days of 14th of March to 10th of April (23th of Esfand to 8th of Farvardin) with the participation of artists from the countries of Oman, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, India, Sudan, Palestine and ....
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Conducting Primary Level of the Fifth Olympiad of Persian Language in Turkey
Primary Level of the Fifth Olympiad of Persian Language and Literature was held with participation of students, tutors and interested in Persian language and literature throughout Turkey.
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The second stage of the Iranian Film Festival began in Malaysia
After the successful launch of the first stage of the Iranian film festival in Kuala Lumpur, the second phase of the festival began in the city of Penang.
 23:37 - 13/03/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
The beginning of new courses in Persian language and Persian art in Lahore
The new Persian language classes and Persian art began with the support of cultural affiliation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lahore, Pakistan.
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