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Story of Kazakhstan student in Iran

Im so happy to travel to a country with a rich history and lasting cultural heritage

A Persian-language student of the 84th Iranian Student from Kazakhstan in the memorize of traveling in Iran said that I spent the best and most memorable month of my life in this country and I am glad to travel to Iran, a country with a rich civilization and a lasting cultural heritage. According to the Public Relations Office of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) A student of Persian language and literature at the undergraduate level from the Farabi University of Kazakhstan, who traveled to Iran for the first time to participate in the 84th Farsi language course in Iran, published his memoirs.

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Haddad-Adel Asks Foreign Farsi Language Students to Present Real Image of Iran Back Home
Head of Saadi Foundation Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel who was addressing the Farsi language foreign student of the 84th Advanced Course of Farsi Language and literature in a conference titled "The Sweet Farsi " hoped that the students had both enjoyed living in Iran and got somehow acquainted with the lifestyle and culture of the Iranian people.
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Argentinian Farsi Language Student:
Research on Islams Viewpoints on Women Led to My Acceptance of Islam/Farsi, language of Propagating for Islamic Revolution
Argentinean Muslim citizen Hassan Leonardo Brama Conte says it was the Islamic dressing style, Hijab, of some women that urged him to begin a thorough research on Islam.
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Iraqs Science Minister Emphasizes Need for Iran-Iraq University Cooperation
In a meeting with the head of Mashhads Ferdowsi University in Baghdad, the Iraqi science minister referred to the scientific achievements in Islamic Republic of Iran and emphasized the need for broadening academic and university cooperation between the two countries.
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Photo Exhibition of "Modern Iranian Cultural Figures" Was Held in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan
A photo exhibition of modern Iranian cultural figures from East Azarbaijan Province, West Azarbaijan Province and Ardebil was held in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan with the contribution of the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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The Work of Malay Poet Will Be Published in Persian
Stating that talking through literature is the best way to interact with people in the world, the Iranian cultural attaché in Malaysia announced that the work of "Hamzah Fansuri", the Malay-language poet and writer, will be published in Persian language.
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The Development of Relations between the Islamic Association of China and Al-Mustafa International University
Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad Hassan Mahdavi Mehr, the deputy chairman of Al-Mustafa International University, met with Yang Faming, the President of the Islamic Association of China, and talked about the development of relations and bilateral cooperation.
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"The Iranian Culture Day" Was Held in Kazakhstan
"The Iranian Culture Day" was held in Taldy-Kurgan, Almaty, Kazakhstan, by various programs including the establishment of handicrafts exhibition, the display of Iranian movies dubbed in Russian language, etc.
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The Establishment of "Iranology Department" in Shaheed Rabbani Education University (SREU)
The Iranian cultural attaché in Kabul and the president of Shaheed Rabbani Education University (SREU) agreed that the "Iranology Department" will be established in this university.
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The Seminar of "China-Iran Dialogue of Civilizations" Will Be Held in Tehran
The seminar of "China-Iran Dialogue of Civilizations" will be held on October 29 in Tehran with the participation of 30 scholars from China and other countries.
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The First Malay Translation of Saadi Golestan Was Unveiled
The first Malay translation of Saadi Golestan was unveiled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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The Development of Cooperation between Iran and South Africa
The cooperation between Iran and South Africa will be developed with the aim of strengthening the friendship of the two countries.
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The Editor-In-Chief of IRNA Cultural News Department:
The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Is Effective on International Cultural Relations
Suggesting cultural dialogue among the elite of countries, Omid Ghiasvand stated: "The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization is effective on international cultural relations".
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Cultural Challenges in the Islamic World Were Examined in Tunisia
An academic meeting entitled "The Review of Cultural Challenges in the Islamic World" was held in Masarat Research Center in Tunisia with the presence and speech of the Advisor to the President of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.
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The Meeting of "The Culture of Iran in the Contemporary World" Was Held in Tunisia
The professional and academic meeting of "The Culture of Iran in the Contemporary World" was held in Tunisia with the contribution of the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran and with the presence of the elite and scholars.
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In the Plan of Attracting Domestic Publishers for Coming into Force of the Plan of TOP;
The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Will Cooperate with Children Literature House to Publish the Iranian Works
The Center for Organizing Translation and Publication of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and the Publications of Children Literature House will cooperate for coming into force of the plan of TOP to publish the Iranian works in other countries.
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The Photo Exhibition of "The Beautiful Iran" in Bashkortostan
The photo exhibition of "The Beautiful Iran" was opened in the Congress Hall in Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan.
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Khameh Yar in the Meeting with the Islamic Republic News Agency Editors-In-Chief:
The Media Has a Great Role in Preventing Islamophobia and Iranophobia
In the meeting with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) editors-in-chief and the heads of overseas offices, the International Deputy of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization stated: "The media has a great role in preventing Islamophobia and Iranophobia".
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On July 11;
The Meeting of "Persian Literature Day" Will Be Held in Malaysia
The meeting of "Persian Literature Day" and the unveiling of "Saadi Gulistan" in Malay language will be held on Tuesday, July 11 in the National Library of Malaysia.
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Persian Language Department Will be Established at Gulf College of Oman
At the ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement between the Persian Language Center of the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Gulf College of Oman it was announced that Persian Language Department will be established at this college.
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"Bodyguard" Movie Was Shown in Nigeria
"Bodyguard" movie directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia was shown in the first Asian Film Festival in Abuja.
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