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Conducting Ashura Poetry conference in Persian and Urdu in Karachi

Literary conference “Poetry of Ashura in Persian and Urdu” with emphasis on Ashura poems of Oman Samani (Persian poet) and Mir Babar Ali Anis (Urdu poet) held in Karachi Pakistan.

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Commemorating Allama Iqbal in Lahore
The commemoration ceremony of the one hundred and fourteenth birthday of Allama Mohammad Iqbal Lahori was held with the support of our House of Culture in Lahore, Pakistan, at the Kamras State College.
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Opening of the photography exhibition “Today of Iran “in Ankara
The photography exhibition “Today of Iran " was opened in cooperation with Irans Cultural Advisory at Ankara Contemporary Art Center.
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Scientific – research meeting of cultural advisor with Syrian students
Part of the international relations major students from Alsham private University conducted a scientific – research meeting with our cultural advisor and investigate the relations between Iran and Syria.
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Head of Research Institute of Cultural Heritage met with Deputy Minister of Culture of Russia
Head of Research Institute of Cultural Heritage & Tourism, who travelled to Russia for participation in the Sixth International Cultural Conference of St. Petersburg, met with the Deputy Minister of Culture of Russia and talked to him about heritage and tourism.
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The "Beautiful, Woven of Mysteries” displayed in Saint Petersburg
With the help of Iran’s cultural counsel, the "Beautiful, Woven of Mysteries” was displayed at the sixth international cultural convention in Saint Petersburg.
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Memorial office for the quake stricken of west of Iran opened in Minsk
Iran’s embassy in Minsk has opened a memorial office for the sake of the quake stricken of west of Iran.
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Literary congress of ‘Prophetic mercy’ held in Baku
The literary and spiritual congress of ‘Prophetic mercy’ was held by Iran’s cultural counsel in Baku. In this congress it was emphasized that poets needed to model their poems after the Quran, words of the Prophet and Ahl-e-Bait.
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Iran’s cultural affiliate in Quetta visits university of Baluchistan in Pakistan
Kourosh Aghdaei, Iran’s cultural affiliate and the head of Iran’s House of Culture visited the Persian section of the University of Baluchistan and met with its hector, Jawid Iqbal.
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Commemoration of Allama Iqbal Lahore in Peshawar
The commemoration of Allama Iqbal Lahore was held in cooperation with the Cultural House of our country at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar.
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Review of the Qur’anic Thoughts of Allameh Tabatabai (RA) and Hajj Malick Sy in Senegal
The Quranic thoughts of Allameh Tabatabai (RA) and Hajj Malick Sy were discussed with the effort of our Cultural Advisory in Senegal.
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Along with presenting the symbol of Saadi and Iqbal;
National conference of Persian language professors in Pakistan
The Persian language professors and the conference of "Presenting the symbol of Saadi and Iqbal" will be held in Islamabad, Pakistan, on November 2 and 3, with the assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Cultural Advisory.
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In a message,
Ebrahimi Torkaman conveyed condolences over passing of the father of the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, in a message, conveyed condolences over passing of the father of Bahram Ghasemi, the spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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Photo Exhibit on Iran’s Historic Landmarks in Sant Petersburg
A photo exhibit on Iran’s Historic Landmarks (listed by the UNESCO World Heritage Center) opened in Sant Petersburg, thanks to the Cultural Advisory of Iran.
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Presenting the Artistic Qualities of Persian in Germany
The Hafez Institute for Dialog and Peace, affiliated with the Iranian Cultural Advisory, presented the artistic capacities and aspects of Persian language and literature in Germany.
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International Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Deputy Director:
The plot of splitting Islamic countries is to stabilize the Zionist regime
Abbas Khameyar emphasized the unity of the Islamic communities during a meeting with the head of the Malaysian Islamic Organizations Advisory Council (MAPIM) and the delegation. He said, the plan to break down of the Islamic world is to stabilize the frontiers of the Zionist regime.
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Part of a book,
‘Collections of Articles on extremism In Africa’
Al-Hoda International publishing Group, an affiliate of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization of book, published the ‘Collections of Articles on extremism in Africa’ in 1395 in 256 pages and in 2000 copies.
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Review of Thoughts of Iqbal Lahori on Islamic Awakening, in Quetta
In a special meeting hosted by Iran’s house of culture in Quetta, accounts and thoughts of Iqbal Lahori about the Islamic awakening were studied.
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Happy November 20, the martyrdom anniversary of martyr Ebrahim Ansari
We celebrate the November 20, the 4th martyrdom anniversary of Hujjat al-Islam Ebrahim Ansari, Iran’s Cultural Advisor in Lebanon.
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Conducting the conference of "Iran-Russia, Five Centuries of Cooperation" in Moscow
The conference of "Iran and Russia, Five Centuries of Cooperation" was held in Moscow, and the importance of mutual understanding between the two nations and further understanding for the development of relations between them was emphasized.
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Engraving the letter of the Holy Prophet is revealed to the people of Oman in Muscat
Engraving the letter of the Holy Prophet to the people of Oman will be unveiled on a piece of ancient agate stone in cooperation with the cultural advisory of Iran in Muscat.
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