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The Publication of Masnavi Manavi in Turkish Istanbul Language

Masnavi written by Maulana Jalal ad-Din Rumi was published in verse in Turkish Istanbul Language by Hajeh Publications in Ankara.

According to the Public Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the book of Masnavi Manavi was translated in verse in Turkish Istanbul Language by Professor Hicabi Kırlangıç, the head of the Department of Persian Language and Literature at the Ankara University and was published by Hajeh Publications in 2000 copies. This exquisite verse book was published in two volumes, the first volume with 1171 pages and the second volume with 2382 pages.

Professor Hicabi Kırlangıç is one of the prominent Turkish professors of Persian Language and Literature who is poet and writer as well and currently is the president of Writers Union of Turkey; he has translated Masnavi Manavi in verse during three-year endeavor.

This book was published by Hajeh Publications in 2017. Hajeh Publications, which was established first to publish the books of Turkish writers and literati, currently engages in translating and publishing the books of top foreign authors and so far has published hundreds of books on fiction, novel, poetry, literary criticism and the like.

In Recent years, Hajeh Publications has engaged in translating and publishing the Iranian classical writers and literati and so far has published Divan of Hafez and Masnavi Manavi.

Attending the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the director of Hajeh Publications donated the two-volume Masnavi Manavi translated in Turkish Istanbul language to the Iranian cultural attaché in Turkey.

Appreciating Omer Argazin, the director of Hajeh Publications, and professor Hicabi Kırlangıç, the translator of the Iranian prominent work in verse, Hassan Safarkhani, the Iranian cultural attaché in Ankara expressed thanks for the endeavors of the director and his colleagues for their attention to the international culture and literature especially Persian literature.

Then Safarkhani called for the development of literary cooperation in translating literary works of both countries and stated that literary and cultural exchange between Iran and Turkey that enjoy joint cultural elements will lead to the development of cultural and literary cooperation and understanding of the two nations, especially the elite from the cultural treasures of each other that is a very valuable issue.

According to this report, Divan of Hafez was translated by Professor Hicabi Kırlangıç in Turkish Istanbul language in verse before MasnaVi Manavi. At the present he is translating Divan Shams Tabrizi in Turkish Istanbul language in verse. 


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