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Islamic Solidarity Conference Was Held in Baku

The unity of Muslims around the world as the best strategy to deal with the sinister conspiracies against the Islamic world was emphasized in the International "Islamic Solidarity" Conference in Baku.

According to the Public Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, in this conference which was held at the initiative of the Caucasus Muslims Office (CMO) and the Azerbaijani State Committee for Religious Organizations, a number of Azerbaijani officials and representatives of political, cultural and social circles, the diplomats of other countries in Baku, Hujjat al-Islam Seyed Ali Akbar Ojagh Nejad, the Representative of the Supreme Leader, and Asghar Farsi, the Iranian cultural attaché in Azerbaijan were present.

In this conference, stating that at the present armed conflicts are underway in 67 countries, Mubariz Gurbanli, the Chairman of the Azerbaijani State Committee for Religious Organizations, said: "During these conflicts 65 million people have been excluded from their homes that more than 55 percent of them are from the Islamic countries".   

He added: "In the current situation of the world, more than everyone these are Muslims and Muslim countries that suffer from terror and enemies seek to create various conflicts and religious differences among Muslims to prevent the development of Islamic countries".

Mubariz Gurbanli added: "Enemies attribute terrorist activities in different countries to Islam to undermine it and we need solidarity and unity among Muslims more than ever to deal with the hostile conspiracies".

He also emphasized: "In the current situation, Islamic solidarity should be a roadmap for all of us".

In this conference, Sheikh-ul-Islam Haji Allahshukur Pashazade, the Chairman of the Caucasus Muslims Office (CMO) also delivered a speech and stated: "The development of religious and ethnic extremism, Islamophobia and terrorism are worrying for human society".

Condemning the attempts to attribute terrorism to Islam, Sheikh-ul-Islam Haji Allahshukur Pashazade emphasized: "Islam is a religion of peace and against any kind of violence in human society".


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