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Abbass Khameh Yar in the Conference with Al Jazeera Media Network:

Understanding and Convergence of the Islamic Societies Prevent Extremism/the Need for a Common Understanding to Solve the Palestinian Issue/Zionist Strategy Is to Remove Cultures

In the 11th annual meeting of Al Jazeera Media Network, Qatar, the head of the Palestinian committee of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization stated: "Understanding and convergence of the Islamic societies prevent extremism".

According to the Public Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the 11th annual meeting of Al Jazeera Media Network, Qatar, with the topic of "State-building crisis and the future of regional systems in the Middle East" was held on 14 and 15 April in Doha with the presence of scholars from Qatar, Sudan, Syria, Morocco, England, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Palestine, Russia and Iran (Abbass Khameh Yar, the International Deputy of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization).

In this conference, in which some representative from Amnesty International Organization and the International Monetary Fund were also present, during two consecutive days issues related to challenges in front of Arabic governments were discussed and investigated.

Abbass Khameh Yar, the International Deputy and the head of the Palestinian committee of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, was invited to this conference as the only Iranian speaker. On his arrival he was welcomed by Salah Eddin Elzein, the director of Al Jazeera Center for Studies and the Secretary of this conference.

On the second day, Khameh Yar delivered a speech in the panel "A review on 100 years of the Balfour Declaration and the future prospect of the Zionist regime".

At the beginning of his speech, Khameh Yar stated: "Let me frankly begin about the suggested issue of the conference that is a review on 100 years of the Balfour Declaration: the future existence of the Zionist regime in the region and I, as a researcher, will try to express briefly my Iranian view on the future of this usurper regime and its consequences on our peoples and this is as the result of my attempts for more than three decades among Iranians and Arabs".

Stating that the main problem between Iranians and some Arabs (not all of them) is that they have no unique understanding about the nature of Israels existence in the region and it is essential that they enjoy a common and proper understanding for a better perspective to help the Palestinian issue, Khameh Yar said: "It is very important to review 100 years of the Balfour Declaration and to know the purpose of the Zionist entity in the region, especially that based on the Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1916 Arabic countries were divided based on illusory borders and the opportunity to perform common Arabic practice was taken from them and based on this division Arabic region has experienced a great crises".

He added: "Accordingly, it can be concluded that the Sykes-Picot Agreement aimed to implement the confidential program of the West to create the evil Zionist entity as the national homeland of the Jews in the heart of the Muslim world".

Khameh Yar emphasized: "Dangerous accidents that occur today in the Muslim world, especially in the Arabic region are as the result of Sykes-Picot Agreement and with the end of this 100-year phase we will enter a new phase that we can call it Sykes-Picot Agreement 2 that include the destruction of infrastructure in the Islamic and Arabic countries which are a threat for the security of Israel and this destruction is also in line with the strategic project of colonial goal achievement of Israel that is "From the Nile to the Euphrates".

The International Deputy of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization also stated: "It can be said that the division of Libya into three countries based on the climate including Tripoli in the West, Brega in the East and Kazan in the South is one of the most important signs of the new Sykes-Picot. In the case of Sudan, the draw of new map of Sudanese government is after the implementation of the first plan and the separation of southern Sudan that will split the country into five other regions. The division of Iraq and Syria does not need to explain and will be done based on ethnicity and tribes in these countries".

He added: "For Egypt they also beat the drums of tribal intrigue to divide this country into smaller components like other Arabic countries or try to create religious intrigue in it. In addition, despite the fact that it is more than 64 years that Turkey is one of the members of NATO they attempt to create crisis in this country, and failed Coup detat is carried out in it by Americans".

Khameh Yar continued: "This colonial strategy does not target only the Islamic countries, but the point of its attack arrow is toward on the civilizations and cultures of nations and governments in the region, as we are observing the destruction of civilizational and ancient monuments in our region by creating the intrigue in the region and it is no coincidence that civilizational and ancient monuments in Syria, Iraq and other destructed countries and museums are looted in such a way, while the buildings of ministries and financial institutions have remained safe from these attacks. This is seen in the museums of Egypt and the destruction of historical cities in Iraq and Tadmor and Idlib in Syria, while the Zionist regime has not committed destruction this much over 70 years".

In another part of his speech, the head of the Palestinian committee of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization stated: "After 100 years since the Sykes-Picot and Balfour Declaration and 70 years since the formation of usurper government, today, more than ever it is felt that those who have carried out the Sykes-Picot make efforts to consolidate Israels existence in the region and develop this regime especially after the historical defeat from the resistance front in Lebanon in 2006 and before that the freedom of the occupation of southern Lebanon in 2000 as well as defeats from the Palestinian resistance forces in Gaza and other Palestinian occupied territories in 2012 and 2014".

Khameh Yar continued: "Today, despite of internal crises in the usurper Zionist regime which are as the result of religious and ethnic divisions in this regime and as a result the Zionist group of al-Haredim and non-Zionist Orthodox group have been separated, imperialist and colonialist forces are still trying to give it a new life to be at the service of Western powers. Unfortunately, some political powers and groups in the region help to achieve this goal. Despite the Zionist regime defeated in 2006 and failed to achieve its goals, these efforts occur when communication networks have been expanded and the dozens of grassroots organizations have been formed in the West against Israel that such a volume of opposition to Israel has never seen before and we as Muslims and Arabs unfortunately have been unable to use the conditions arisen".

Stating that the great thinker "Malek Bennabi" wrote his book on the subject of the Jews, risks and colonial plans and it was finally published after 50 years of delay, Khameh Yar said: "Malek Bennabi in his book says that Israel is the forefront of Western colonialism in the Muslim world and according to him the formation of Israel is as the result of colonial project from the Nile to the Euphrates and the Iranian view on the formation of this regime is on the same base and I draw your attention to one of the ideological concepts of Imam Khomeini (Mercy of Allah be upon him) who stated: Israel is a cancerous tumor in the body of the Muslim Ummah".

Khameh Yar also stated: "The Iranian view on the creation of Israel emphasizes on the point that the formation of this regime has a dangerous strategic depth more than what some of our Arab brothers think in this regard, that is Israel is not only a project for the occupation of Arab territories; but is a serious and destructive threat for the entire Islamic world and the Islamic Revolution has basically an anti-colonialist nature and is opposed to any expansionism and severely confront the Israeli colonial plans and prevent its consolidation and has returned this regime to its first square with the support of the resistance in the region".

Khameh Yar continued: "From the perspective of Tehran, preventing the development of Israeli projects in the region is preventing the process of colonial advances in all aspects that the occupation of Arabic territories is only one of its parts that such a view is not seen in the beliefs of some regimes in the Arabic countries in the face of Israel".

In another part of his speech, Khameh Yar stated: "I use this opportunity to invite the elite gathered in this conference to create a greater understanding and convergence between Iran and Arab countries to bring their talks together in the framework of accurate understanding of the reality and nature of Israel. Strategic dialogue will lead us to discover the truth and nature of Israel as the major factor of creating crisis in the region. I emphasize that the Iranians never consider the Arabs as their enemy, although they have suffered from the misbehavior and neutral positions of some Arab officials, such as when some of them in the imposed war on Iran had broad support from Irans enemy; but Israel will continue to remain the number one enemy".

Khameh Yar continued: "Beating on the drum of clannism and accompanying the Zionist enemy to this extent by some is very unfortunate and dangerous. Where will go those who are the promoters of tribal intrigue? I say out loud that the first and last concern of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to fight with the discrimination between Shia and Sunni Muslims and deal with the divisive effort which aims to put Shia and Sunni Muslims against each other". 


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