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Addressing Arab Countries, Abbass Khameh Yar Stated:

Iran Will Continue to Support Palestine

In the annual meeting of Al Jazeera Media Network, Qatar, indicating the book entitled "Palestine" which contains the views of the Supreme Leader, the International Deputy of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization stated: "The Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to support Palestine".

According to the Public Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the 11th annual meeting of Al Jazeera Media Network, Qatar, with the topic of "State-building crisis and the future of regional systems in the Middle East" was held on 14 and 15 April in Doha with the presence of scholars from Qatar, Sudan, Syria, Morocco, England, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Palestine, Russia and Iran (Abbass Khameh Yar, the International Deputy of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization).

In this conference, which was broadcasted live on several satellite networks, indicating the book entitled "Palestine", which has been translated and published in Arabic language and contains the positions and views of the Supreme Leader about Quds and other occupied territories, Khameh Yar stated: "I should announce that the positions towards Palestine and the field support of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Palestinians are not to compete with others or condescend someone, but it is a belief of principles that we Iranians believe. Our basic solutions and positions towards the Palestinian issue have been published in this book and this is one of its copies. I think, perhaps some formal Arabic system does not dare to read these positions, let alone be responsible for them". 


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