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Moscow Hosts Conference on Theology and Islamic Studies in Iran and Russia


The Iranian Cultural Attaché in Russia sponsored a Conference on Theology and Islamic Studies in Iran and Russia that was held in Moscow on May 8, according to Islamic Communications and Relations Organization (ICRO) Public Relations.

Russian Science Academy’s Oriental Studies Institute was the cosponsor of the conference, in which faculty members of College of Theology of the University of Tehran exchanged viewpoints with Russian experts of theology and Islamic science from various parts of Russia, including North Caucasus, Petit Gorsk, Bashghiristan, Saint Petersburg, and Moscow on Islamic sciences teaching methods in Iran and Russia.

Reza Maleki, the Iranian cultural attaché in Moscow said in the conference that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to transfer its experiences on Islamic sciences and studies free from the nuisances of the extremist tendencies.

Asgari Yazdi, the head of Faculty of Islamic Thoughts College of the University of Tehran, spoke on the thought provoking teaching method with emphasis on theology in Iran that is taught both as a general course and merged with each of the particular scientific subjects of different faculties.

Other members of the Iranian delegation, too, focusing on the particular characteristics of human science professors in Iran in their addresses for the conference each spoke on a different aspect of Islamic sciences’ teaching.


Totally 20 Iranian and Russian speakers spoke in the morning and evening sessions of the conference and the heads of the two faculties of University of Tehran presented a souvenir to Shamil Ksafev, the organizer of the conference and representative of the Russian Oriental Studies Institute.

The Iranian cultural attaché focusing on the importance of the issue said that therefore the Russian Science Ministry has established a secretariat office in that ministry for the purpose.

The next speaker, Majid Ma’aref, the head of Faculty of Theology and Islamic Sciences of the University of Tehran said that the shared personality trait of the human sciences professors include being broadminded, outspoken, and eager to enlighten the minds.

Mahmoud Vaezi, the head of Center for Higher Studies on Islamic Revolution and a member of University of Tehran’s scientific board spoke on the structure of the human sciences in the Islamic Republic of Iran in two fields of Quranic and Islamic sayings studies, ethics, and multi-subject studies.


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