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University of Tehran and Islamic Institute of Moscow Sign MOU

Members of faculty of theology and Islamic sciences of the University of Tehran who are in Russia to attend a conference in a meeting with the head of Islamic Teachings Institute of Moscow signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding after exchanging ideas on issues of mutual interest.

Demir Muhyeddinov, deputy head of Moscow Islamic Trainings Institute for Russian Muftis Affairs initially spoke about the history of Islamic training in Russia and the revival of Islam after the collapse of the former Soviet Union following the rebirth of Russia’s Islamic centers and mosques in response to the need of Russia’s Muslim society, according to Islamic Communications and Relations Organization (ICRO) Public Relations.

He meanwhile said that his new responsibilities in the Moscow Islamic Trainings Institute include cooperation with the scientific and university centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various scientific fields, including Islamic theology.

Reza Maleki, the Iranian cultural attaché in Moscow said in the meeting that the faculties of theology and Islamic sciences of the Uuniversity of Tehran have both great potentials and invaluable experiences in the fields of interest of the Moscow Islamic Trainings Institute, which can serve as a foundation stone for mutual cooperation.

Majid Ma’aref, the head of Faculty of Theology and Islamic Sciences of the University of Tehran, too, briefing the audience about the history of that faculty and said that it has currently 1000 students majoring in 10 different fields and studying in BA, MA and PhD levels, including the Sunni Shafeie Jurisprudence with moderate Islamic approach, strengthening inter-Islamic schools of thought relations, etc.

He said that the University of Tehran is ready for cooperation with the Islamic Teachings Institute of Moscow in provision of text books, offering short term training courses and exchange of students.

In the meeting also the other members of the Iranian delegation, including Asgari Yazdi, the head of Faculty of Islamic Thoughts College of the University of Tehran, Mahmoud Vaezi, the head of Center for Higher Studies on Islamic Revolution and a member of University of Tehran’s scientific board, and Qara Maleki, faculty member of University of Tehran’s Faculty of Theology elaborated on various activities pursued in their fields of study and the possible fields for cooperation with the Russian institute.

After signing the MOU of cooperation at the end of the meeting in accordance with one of its articles the Farsi Language Room was officially opened in Islamic Teachings Institute of Moscow and the Farsi language was recognized as one of the main languages for teaching Islam in Russia.

Jame’at ul-Mustafa al-Alamiyya signed the MOU on behalf of the Iranian side.

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