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Contemporary Iranian Arts Exhibition Held in Japan

Iran Cultural Attaché in Japan has sponsored the week-long Contemporary Iranian Arts Exhibition, featuring Iranian handicrafts and cultural stuff to introduce Iran ot the Japanese nation.

The Iranian Cultural Attaché Hossein Divsalar said in the opening ceremony of the cultural event held in Tokyo’s Mitsokushi Complex that Iran and Japan are two rich and ancient cultures and few other countries have such cultural backgrounds as them.

“Located in two terminals in the east and west of the world, these two nations are very fond of each other and it is our duty to help the two great nations to get as familiar as possible with the other culture,” added Divsalar.

He further noted that the contemporary Iranian fine arts, including the Farsi language itself, the contemporary Persian poetry and literature, pottery, music, photography, handicrafts, painting and other Iranian arts with their beautiful designs are all manifestations of the Iranian culture and civilization that catch the eyes of any viewer.

“The value of this beauty, some of whose manifestations are presented in this exhibition is known well by many Japanese arts and culture connoisseurs,” he added.

After the Iranian cultural attaché, Ms. Murishima, the arts expert of the attaché presented some explanations in Japanese language about the activities of that attaché and the Iranian and Islamic cultures.

Sponsored by the Iranian cultural attaché aimed at interacting with the broad general public, this exhibition is being held in Mitokushi Complex, one of the largest and most reputable shopping centers in Japan that has lots of visitors every day.

One of the special features of this exhibition is an exhibition of Shahram Afghar’s photographs and another one an exhibition of Iranian carpets.

The exhibition will end its activities on May 14.

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