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High Ranking Delegation of Macedonian Priests Visits Iran

Archbishops Milan Gergiev and Boriso Dijan, representing that country’s Grand Priest and the High Council of Macedonian Priests arrived in Iran’s Holy Qom City on Monday, May 14 at the first step of their visit of Iran.

The Library of Late Ayatollah Mar’ashi was the first site that the Macedonian religious delegation visited in Qom, according to the Public Relations of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO).

The delegation also paid a pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Lady Fatemeh al-Ma’sumeh (P) and after that had a meeting and talks with the deputy head of Jameat ul-Mustafa, Hojjatoleslam Mahdi Mahdavifar.

Before the visit and right after the arrival of the Macedonian delegation in Qom, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad-Mahdi Taskhiri, the head of Religions and Cultures Dialogues Center of ICRO welcoming the guests briefed them about his visit of Macedonia during which he had visited the Macedonian president, that country’s Grand Priest and some other high ranking religious officials.

After Taskhiri, Hojjatoleslam Mahdavifar introduced Jameat ul-Motafa and that seminary body’s activities, including the various fields for cooperation between the Muslim and Orthodox Christian religious authorities.

Archbishop Milan Gergiev, too, on behalf of the Macedonian Grand Priest thanked the ICR0 for inviting them to Iran, inclusive of visits of Qom and Tehran and announced the Macedonian Priests Council’s enthusiasm in having broad interactions and scientific dialogue with the Iranians.

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