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ICRO Chief:

Introducing Reality of Religions, Best Way for Annulment of Misconceptions


Abuzar Ebrahimi-Torkman said in a meeting with the head of Georgia Republic’s Religious Affairs Agency that introducing the reality of religions is the best way to annul the misconceptions about them and fight against terrorism and extremism.

Zaza Vashaqmadze, the head of Georgia Republic’s State Religious Affairs Agency, who was in Iran atop a delegation on May 16, in a visit of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) conferred with ICRO Chief Ebrahimi-Torkman.

Torkman elaborated on the Iranian cultural offices abroad during the meeting, and said that ICRO with its over 80 cultural representative offices around the globe has managed to take firm stands in development of cultural ties with other nations based on Iran’s cultural agreements with those countries.

He expressed hope that relying on cultural wealth of each country, cultural interactions with them will be as rich and diversified.

“Among ICRO cultural activities abroad, one of the most important ones is dialogue among the followers of monotheist religions, based on which we have thus far reached a mutual understanding among the monotheists believing in various faiths and we have held such dialogues in various countries,” he said.

Focusing on the background of Iran-Georgia cultural interactions, Ebrahimi-Torkman added, “Iran and Georgia have throughout history enjoyed good bilateral relations and the two nations’ cultures have affected each other positively in many occasions.”

The head of Georgia Republic’s State Religious Affairs Agency, too, expressing delight for his ongoing visit of Iran said that visiting Iran and its historical, cultural and religious sites is a dream for any Georgian citizen.

Zaza Vashaqmadze also elaborated on the activities of Georgia Republic’s State Religious Affairs Agency, including that agency’s cash donations to the followers of different faiths.

He said that his affiliated agency is under the direct supervision of the Georgian prime minister and is commissioned to establish sound dialogues with the followers of different religions.

Vashaqmadze meanwhile announced the readiness of Georgia Republic’s State Religious Affairs Agency for planning aimed at expansion of joint relations and cultural cooperation with Iran.


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