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Mohammad Ali Rabani in "Conference on the the Role of Arts and Architecture in Iran-Arab World Scientific Ties"

Arts, Appropriate Potential for Iran-Arab World Cooperation


Arts provide a very appropriate potential for cooperation between Iran and the Arab world, said the head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization’s Center for Strategic Studies on Cultural Ties.


According to the Public Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mohammad-Ali Rabbani who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the International Conference on Role of Arts and Architecture on Iran-Arab World Scientific Interactions, sponsored by Kashan University, said one of the crucial and heavy responsibilities of the Iranian cultural organizations is boosting the country’s international ties and interactions.

“At a time when the sound of aggression and promotion of self-righteousness have become the dominant voice sponsoring such seminars that are the harbingers of interactions and dialogue are symbols of rationalism and moderate approach that invite the nations to embrace unity and sympathy and they are therefore blessed and fine moves,” he added.

Rabbani said that when the Islamic culture and arts will be regarded as a solid body, rationalism and Islamic faith, too, will be viewed as two key elements in rebirth of the new Islamic civilization.

The head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization’s Center for Strategic Studies said that under the current complicated international conditions when the sound of ignorance and extremism have echoed in our region cooperation and interactions among the Iranian and Arab world elites is a dire necessity.

He said that holding dialogues and boosting interactions is the best exit way from the prevailing tensions and preventing the imposed challenges, which should be welcomed.

Rabbani also noted that throughout the two days of the scientific conference the professors were of the shared ideas that launching joint projects in cultural and artistic fields was a brilliant idea.

“With the establishment of the Center for Artistic Dialogue between Iran and the Arab World in Kashan University we expect to get many agreements and proposals from both sides aimed at unity and cooperation and the Organization for Islamic Relations, too, is expected to support this move,” he said.

The Permanent Secretariat of the Center for Artistic Dialogue between Iran and the Arab World was commissioned to gather the artists in various fields of art and elite scientists and thinkers of Iran and the Arab countries each year to propose appropriate ways for further development of scientific and cultural ties.



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