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Iranian Cultural Products Presented in Algeria Silk Road Fair


Algeria’s Silk Road Festival and Exhibition opened in the presence of Algerian culture minister and a number of foreign ambassadors to that country, artists, media representatives and enthusiasts of eastern arts in coastal Museum of Raias Al-Bahr Palace.

According to the Public Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO),Iran’s cultural attaché in Algeria has set up a stand in this exhibition in which manifestations of Iranian arts culture and tourism are presented for the enthusiasts. Magazines on Iranian tourism and food ingredients, especially saffron, were in the focus of attention of the majority of visitors of Iran stand.

Ezzeddin Mahyubi, the Algerian culture minister, in his visit of the Iran stand praised the ancient Iranian history, Iran’s rich culture and peaceful coexistence of followers of different faiths in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Two renowned Algerian anti-colonialist fighters, Ms. Jamileh Vabashi and Yasif Saadan, who played his own role in Algerian War movie in their visits of the Iran stand praised the noble Iranian nation’s brave resistance against foreign hegemony.

Madam Ariq, from Saint Mary Church of Alger, the capital city of Algeria, too, in her visit of Iran stand praised the presence of representatives of different faiths in Islamic Parliament of Iran.

The Silk Road Festival and Exhibition will continue its activities till the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadhan.



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