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Women’s Rights from Islamic and Christian Viewpoints studied in Ethiopia


The 2nd joint seminar in the field of dialogue among religions titled ‘Women’s Rights from Islamic and Christian Viewpoints’ was sponsored by the Iran Cultural Attaché in Ethiopia.

According to the Public Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the cosponsor of the cultural event was Ethiopian Protestant Mecanisus University. It was held on May 15 in the presence of the Iranian ambassador and cultural attaché, embassy staff, the secretary general of Ethiopia’s Protestant Church and a group of that university’s professors and students in the main auditorium of the university.

Brooke Aile, the president of Ethiopian Protestant Mecanisus University, said in his opening address that holding such scientific gatherings and dialogues among the followers of different faiths will lead to the growth of peace mentality in the Ethiopia society.

The Iran Cultural Attaché in Ethiopia Seyyed Hassan Heidari, too, reiterated that religious dialogue is the most effective means for defeating any type of religious extremism and at the service of expansion of sustainable peace.

“While surveying the similarities and differences, we need to boost the reciprocal understanding among the religious thinkers,” he added.

The secretary general of Ethiopia’s Protestant Church, who was the special guest of the conference, too, in an address referred to some shared viewpoints of Islam and Christianity.

“I hope this seminar will manage to increase the practical understanding of the followers of this Abrahamic religions about women’s rights in societies,” he said.

Mohammad Khakpur, the Iranian ambassador to Ethiopia, referring to the exalted stand of women’s rights in monotheist religions said that the main issue today is the evolving interpretations of the human beings on women’s rights throughout the course of history.

After those addresses the experts section of the seminar began its work in which two Muslim and two Christian professors presented their papers.



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