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Iran, Syria to Expand Cultural Cooperation


Iran and Syria have decided to expand their cultural and library cooperation, especially in the field of Farsi manuscripts.

According to the Public Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Abolfazl Salehinia, the cultural counselor and Hadi Taskhiri, the cultural attaché of the Iranian embassy in Syria in a meeting with Ayad al-Musrshid, the head of Assad National Library in addition to reaching agreements on bilateral cultural cooperation focused on achievements during a recent visit of Iran of a delegation from Syria’s Assad National Library.

Ayad Murshid said that during the visit the Syrian delegation had visited the National Library of Iran and the Late Ayatollah Marashi Najafi Library and also had some meetings with some Iranian religious and cultural authorities.

The head of Assad National Library also referred to the beauty of Tehran and said that he had also noticed the scientific, cultural and infrastructure advancements in Islamic Republic of Iran. “The broad-scale and continuous propagations in foreign media has presented an unreal image of Iran for different nations’ public opinion,” he added.

He meanwhile noted that the Syrian cultural delegation’s visit of Iran will serve as a foundation stone for broader joint activities in near future.

“The Assad National Library has many Farsi manuscripts and microfilms and is ready for exchanging them with the manuscripts and microfilms in Iranian libraries so that the Iranian and Syrian researchers will be able to use the source books in both countries,” added Ayad al-Murshid.

The Syrian official also announced Assad National Library’s readiness for cultural cooperation with the libraries and universities in Islamic Republic of Iran.

Salehinia, too, expressed hope in this meeting that this visit will mark the beginning of fruitful interactions between the Syrian source book and library centers and those in Iran, especially in Farsi manuscripts’ field.



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