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Iran’s Cultural Achievements Displayed in Algeria


According to the Public Relations Department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), through the efforts of the Zaphira Culture and Arts Center and the Algerian Ministry of Culture, the Silk Road Festival was held and attended by China, Indonesia, and Greece, alongside the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Executive director of the Algerian ‘Silk Road’ Festival, Zaphira Yacef Saadi believes that the main objective for conducting this festival is to get the people of the world to know one another further and to promote peace, reconciliation, and friendship: “We named this festival ‘Silk Road; The Road to Recognition’ so we can persuade the people of different nationalities to want to know more about each other.”


 “All the countries located along the Silk Road each had a stand at the Rias Al-Bahr Palace, where they put their customs, cultures, arts, cuisines, and folk costumes on display” she further added.


“Iranian philosophers and poets are well-known throughout the world and we know many of them; we had a [literature] translation ceremony where poems from Farid ud-Din ‘Attar’ and Jalal ad-Din ‘Rumi’ were cited and well-received by the audience” said Zaphira Yacef Saadi, expressing her interest in the Iranian culture and arts.


She also expressed her hopes for such events to be kept going, so that different nations would be able to get to know each other closely.


The Iranian Attaché in Algeria, Amir Mousavi commented as well on the exhibition: “Numerous ambassadors, as well as Algerian scholars and intellectuals have attended this exhibition, which they welcomed and enjoyed.”


He also noted that he believed the ‘Silk Road’ Festival to be a proper opportunity for a dialogue between Iran and the Arab countries.



Jamal Shourjeh, the Iranian film director and producer, who is in the process of making a joint feature film between Iran and Algeria, also attended the ‘Silk Road’ Festival. /


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