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Head of Manawan College, Lahore:

“We Seek Boost in Scientific Cooperation with Iran”

According to the Public Relations Department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Ms. Noreen, head of the Manawan Community College in Lahore, visited the Iranian Cultural Attaché Office in Lahore to meet and talk with Ali Akbar Rezaei Fard, the Iranian Cultural Attaché Office’s representative and head of the Culture House of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lahore. 


Ms. Noureeneh Tariq expressed her satisfaction regarding the founding of the Iranology Room at the Manawan Community College in Lahore: “Since the founding of this room at the Manawan Community College last year, many collaborations have been conducted between Iran and Pakistan in the field of Iranology and cultural studies.”


“The students of the Manawan College will welcome the cultural programs such as dialogic literary gatherings and conferences, training courses especially on Persian speaking, film screenings, painting workshops, miniature, and calligraphy” she said.

Rezaei Fard remarked on the long-standing cultural, religious, and scientific relations between Iran and Pakistan and expressed the readiness of the Iranian Cultural Attaché Office to establish Iranology Rooms, and to conduct Farsi language courses in this college and other Lahore academic institutes.


At the end of the meeting, both sides emphasized the necessity for mutually expanding scientific cooperation and cultural activities. /

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