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Through the efforts of Iran’s Attaché Office;

‘The Eastern’ Documentary Unveiled in Japan


The documentary titled ‘The Eastern’ directed by Masoud Taheri was unveiled on July 24th, 2018 and the ceremony was attended by Iranian and Japanese intelligentsia and cultural figures.


According to the Public Relations Department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the unveiling ceremony of the documentary ‘The Eastern’ was held in Japan on Tuesday July 24th, 2018 at the presence of Hossein Divsalar, – Iranian Cultural Attaché in Japan – Hojjat-ol-Islam wal-Moslemin Heshmati, – Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance – Masoud Taheri, – writer, producer, and director of the documentary – and a number of Iranian and Japanese intellectuals and cultural figures.


The ceremony was realized through the efforts of the Iranian Cultural Attaché Office in Japan and the support of the Iranian Affairs Abroad Department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO). Among the attendants were Hiroyasu Kobayashi, –Japanese Ambassador to Iran – Kinichi Komano, – former Japanese Ambassador to Iran and Chairman of Japan-Iran Friendship Association – Hojjat-ol-Eslam wal-Moslemin Sawada, – Deputy of Research in Al-Mustafa [University] Japan [branch] – Sakgami, Sawai, Ono, Kamada, and Takeshita.


During his speech, Divsalar mentioned of the 90th year of the Iran-Japan ties coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution. “Two great countries on the east and west sides of Asia, Iran and Japan have a long history of relations, interactions, and a deep friendship, and the two great nations share passions for the culture and arts of one another” he added.


Mentioning the great stature and timeless character of the late Professor Toshihiko Izutsu, he expressed his hopes for such cultural activities to play a better, more efficient role in expanding the ties between the two great nations of Iran and Japan.


The Ceremony went on with a speech from the Iranian Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Hojjat-ol-Eslam Heshmati. “As a Muslim and a servant of the Quran, I’m proud to reiterate the Holy Quran’s constant emphasis on honoring and commemorating the scientists [and scholars]; my presence in this ceremony is an explicit proof for the fact that the Iranian people and the Islam have always emphasized on friendly coexistence with other cultures and civilizations” he said.


“We recognize this intelligentsia not as a mere linguist scientist, but as a righteous philosopher who pursued bringing the East Asian, Middle Asian, and West Asian cultures closer, and therefor he belongs to all countries of original, noble traditions” he further added, pointing out the dimensions of Izutsu’s personality.


Izutsu is a cherished figure in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries.


Masoud Taheri, the writer, producer, and director of ‘The Eastern’ expressed his appreciation for the cooperation from the Iranian Embassy and the Cultural Attaché Office in Japan as well as the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. “ ‘The Eastern’ is the story of the ups and downs of the life of an eastern individual; a Japanese with a passion for learning languages, whose ups and down gradually shape his philosophy, and he manages to present the world and the intellectual community with this complied philosophy titled the ‘Oriental Philosophy’ ” he said.


“Professor Izutsu is very popular among the scholars and intellectuals of Iran and some other Middle Eastern countries” he added, while explaining his reasons for making this film and the related measures taken.


The ceremony was closed with a speech from Akiro Matsumoto, Japanese scholar, university professor, and one of the last living students of Professor Izutsu, in which he expressed his appreciation of the director for making such valuable documentary and commented on Izutso’s stature and character.


The poster of ‘The Eastern’ was also unveiled during this ceremony in the presence of many prominent figures.


Toshihiko Izutsu was a Japanese intelligentsia, philosopher, Islamologist, and Quran scholar who paid special attention to oriental traditions, including mystical and philosophical traditions as well as oriental religions such as Islam, Taoism, and Buddhism; his efforts resulted in introducing his main philosophy, the ‘Oriental Philosophy’. A major part of the documentary is dedicated to [explaining] the formation of the foundations of this philosophy and critiquing it.


In this documentary, over 60 prominent figures comment on Izutsu’s life, works, and ideas; including Hermann Landolt, Mehdi Mohaghegh, the late Toshio Kuroda, Akiro Matsumoto (Abbot Emeritus, Todaiji Temple, Japan), Pierre Lory, Robert Wisnovsky, Juan José López, etc. /


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