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Second round of dialogue between Islam and Daoism was held in Beijing

Second round of Dialogue between Islam and Daoism was held in Beijing attended by representative from Inter-religion and Culture dialogue Center of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (IRCO) and Chinese officials of Daoism Association.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), from Iranian side, Hojatoleslam Ahmad Moballeghi a member of Experts Assembly and Morteza Sabori, Deputy Chairman of Inter-religion and Culture Dialogue Center who were invited by Beijing"s Daoism Association, took part in the discussions. They, along with Iranian Cultural Attaché to China on Nov.26 met the Deputy Chairman of Chinese Daoism Association.

The meeting started by opening remarks of a Chinese official who talked about results of his visit to Tehran and meeting concerned Iranian officials early this year and said the visit was very important and valuable adding that his talks with Iranian officials played a considerable role in getting more acquainted with each other.

Iranian cultural Attaché to China, Mr. Addel Khani said fortunately after years of efforts, we are holding the second round of dialogue between Iranian Inter-religion and Culture Dialogue Center of ICRO and Chinese Daoism Association.

 He said these talks are important because Iran and China have ancient civilizations and historic and friendly relations.

Hojatoleslam Moballeghis said these discussions have a great objective behind namely promoting Eastern Identity, because in the Globalization Age, stronger and more transparent identity will lead to more dialogue and expansion of cooperation adding that in case the western identity gains becomes more prominence than the Eastern Identity, then the path of interaction will become tougher.

He said God, Man and Nature are three important elements of Eastern religions and went on saying that because of great religious diversity in the East, some claim that inter-religion dialogue is not possible but the truth is that possibility of such dialogue in the East is greater than West.

Then, Mr. Saburi briefed the Chinese officials about responsibilities of his office and called for continuation of dialogue between Islam and Daoism and hoped that talks among religious and Cultural official of Iran and China bear tangible results for both side.

  He said dialogue among relations plays and important role in preventing extremism. Deputy Chairman of Inter-Religion and Culture of ICRO said Islamic Culture and Relations Organization is ready to host the third round of talks between Islam and Daoism in Tehran next year.

The Chinese officials also underlined the importance of interactions with their Iranian counterparts and called for continuation of talks that in their view is helpful means for getting more familiar with each other.




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