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Ebrahimi Turkman: Emphasizes on all-out cooperation between Iran and Turkey/ Cultural committee should be formed

Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (IRCO), Ebrahimi Turkman in meeting Head of Turkish Religion Organization, Ali Arbash proposed establishment of a cultural committee and said in the framework of Iran- Turkey Economic Committee a cultural committee should be established for discussing cultural and religious issues.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Head of Turkish Religion Organization along with accompanying delegation on Saturday Afternoon Dec.1, met Mr. Turkman in his office in Tehran and discussed mutually concerned topics.

 Mr. Turkman in his talks with Turkish religious officials said today Islamic world is suffering from negligence, the one who kills say God and the one who is being killed also says God, that"s why we should do more to awaken Islamic Ummah.

He said the role of religion in Islamic communities is the most important element and this factor has always been highlighted in Turkey adding that we are indebted to Turkey because love for the Household of our Holly Prophet of Islam and Persian language went to Balkans through Turkey and in Turkey, Shias have been treated respectfully.

Head of Islamic Culture and Relation Organization said more attention should be paid to Palestinian question adding that the Palestinian question is story of a nation who have been driven out from their homeland. Position taken by turkey toward Holy Quds is appropriate and we should boost our cooperation on this question, said Mr. Turkman.

 He went on saying that Caucuses is the most prone region for breeding of DAESH, because this part of the world is yearning for religion and we can have positive cooperation in this region.

The Turkish official conveyed Turkish President"s greeting to Mr. Ebrahimi Turkman and said the question of Quds must always remained alive adding that many gatherings on Quds have taken place in Turkey especially following transferring of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Holy Quds.  

Ali Arbash said Iran and Turkey as two Muslim country should do more to introduce Quds to people of the world.

Talking about Islamophobia, ignorance and other threats, the Turkish religious official called for closer cooperation between Tehran- Ankara to counter Islamophobia.



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