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Japanese Cultural week is underway In Tehran

The Japanese Cultural Week aimed at promotion of bilateral cultural cooperation between Tehran- Tokyo that started last Monday is currently underway at Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in downtown Tehran.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Abbas Khameyar, Deputy for Promotion of International Relations of ICRO, met the Japanese Ambassador to Tehran at his residence on the occasion of Japanese Cultural Week. Some 150 people including members of Iran- Japan Friendship Society, a number of foreign diplomat residing in Iran as well people interested in cultural activities of two countries attended the gathering.

The meeting started by speech given by the host country"s officials and then Mr. Khameyar delivered his speech and the event came to close by words of Japanese Ambassador to Tehran.

Abbas Khameyar talked about importance of family both in Iranian and Japanese cultures, safeguarding old and ancient traditions, respecting elderlies and paying tribute to deceased and Japanese interests in Iranian glorious history and civilization, painting, poems, traditional music and Iranian family and emotional films.

 The Iranian cultural official said Iranians are cultured people with rich history and civilization and quite interested in Japanese culture and civilizations.

He said in order to strengthen our cultural cooperation with Japan we have established our Cultural Attaché office in Tokyo that has carried out valuable works to expanded bilateral cultural interactions.

Japan"s ambassador to Tehran, Mr. Mitsugo Saito also spoke on the same event and commenting on mutual desire for expansion of relations said we are at the threshold of 90th anniversary diplomatic relations and going to celebrate this event in 2019.

He also thanked Iranian Foreign Ministry, Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Iran- Japan friendship Society and Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults for the contribution they made for holding Japanese Cultural Week.



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