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Head of Indian Cultural Relations Council: Islamic establishment of Iran is the advanced form of Islam

Visiting Head of Indian Cultural Relations Council in meeting with Ebrahimi Turkman, Head of Islamic Culture and Relation Organization (ICRO) asked for establishment of Inter- religion study center in Iran for paving the way for Indian scholars to be familiar with Islamic Iran.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) Winai Sahaserabude Said the Islam that is being practiced in Iran is an advanced version of this religion that is future looking and enjoys considerable respect in the world.

The Indian Cultural Official who is visiting Iran to take part in a seminar on linguistic ties between Persian (Farsi) and Sanskrit Languages met Mr. Ebrahimi Turkman and held talks with him on mutually interested issues.

Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in his opening remarks referred to numerous shared cultural grounds between Iran and India and said the first cultural agreement between Tehran and New Delhi was signed 62 years ago. This agreement was signed by Iranian Ambassador to New Delhi and Molana Abul Kalam, the then Indian Minister of Culture and following the victory of Islamic Revolution two countries" cultural relations entered a new era.   

He said cultural ties between Iran and India is very deep rooted and in world history no two countries can be found to have as close relations as Iran and India, adding that friendship between Iran and India goes beyond words and languages.

 Mr. Turkman continued his comments by saying that Islam is in peace and friendship with all religions  Adding that by holding dialogue with representatives of other religion we came to this conclusion that there is a deep misunderstandings among religions. He added that Islam is in peace and affection with other regions but some use this religion to commit violent acts.

The visiting Indian cultural official talking about the seminar on Persian and Sanskrit languages said language is not just combination of words but it has philosophy, world vision and culture and these linguistic commonalities lead to interactions between Iran and India.

Chairman of Indian Cultural Relations Council said Iran and India have many common historical and cultural features which date back to historical time and are deep rooted.

 He said Islamic Culture and Relation Organization enjoys considerable potentials for cultural cooperation in religious areas and that"s why this organization should establish an inter-religion dialogue center and make possible for Indian scholars to get acquainted with Islamic Iran.



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