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Iranian Cultural Attaché meets Chairman of Indian Jamaat-e- Islami Party

Chairman of Indian Jamaat-e- Islami party, Maharashtra Brunch, Aslam Ghazi met and held talks with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Bombay.

 According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations organization (ICRO), Aslam Ghazi along with a high ranking official of the party Molana Zahir Abbas met the Iranian Cultural Attaché to Bombay and praised Islamic Republic of Iran Islamic Revolution resistance against enemies.

Iranian Cultural Attaché, Mohsen Ashori said Islamic Revolution of Iran is a bulwark for all Muslim of the world adding that Iran is an advanced oriental country that its governing laws are driven from the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet of Islam and infallible members of his household.

Referring to the forthcoming 40ty anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Ashori said 40 year has passed since the victory of the Islamic Revolution and enemies of our country have done whatever they could to confront the Revolution but Islamic Republic of Iran has stand against them despite all problems and hardships.

The Indian official commenting on unity of Iranian nation against enemies of Muslim World said resistance of Iranian Revolution against world colonialism is admirable adding that world Muslim community are supportive of Islamic republic of Iran. Aslam Ghazi said we hope that current problems face by Iranian people to disappear soon.

He said Indian Jamaat-e- Eslami Party is one of the largest political entities of Muslims of Indian Subcontinent and since its establishment has worked for well being of Indian Muslim community in all cultural, social and economic sectors.

Aslam Ghazi went on say that his political establishment organizes gatherings aimed at strengthening unity within Islamic Ummah and works for enlightenment of Muslims and by setting up sanitary and medical treatment camps, payment of interest free loans and publication of Islamic books tries to improve the life of Muslims of this country.

Molana Zahir Abbas for his part called for publicity of pure Mohammadan Islam in the world especially among young and new generations.    







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