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Iranian Ambassador and Cultural Attaché met with one of lecturers of holy city of Najafs Seminary

Ayatollah Nori Hatamolsaadat a high ranking Iraqi Clergy and lecturer of the Seminary of holyt city of Najaf visited Embassy of Iran in Baghdad and held talks with Iranian Ambassador, Iraj Masjedi and Cultural Attaché Hojatoleslam Ghlamreza Abazari.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Ayatollah Nori Hatam briefed Iranian political and cultural officials, stationed in Iraq about the situation of the Seminary of Holy City of Najaf and the strong ties between people and the high ranking clergies.

 He said the high ranking clergies of Iraq are duty bond to work for pushing Iraq towards Islamism and upbringing pious people because people without devotion can"t serve the nation.

 Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad talked about the role of clergies and Grand Ayatollahs during critical times of Iraq including occupation of country and mobilization of the youth to defend their country.

Mr. Masjedi said some principles should be taken into consideration such as unity and integration of Iraq, independence from other countries and powers, bolstering religious and Islamic entities and nursing the people and making them to walk towards ethical society.

 Iranian Cultural Attaché to Iraq Hojatoleslam Abazari while talking about good relations between Iraqi high ranking religious authorities with Iranian establishments in Iraq and well receiving Iranian delegations said Iranian Cultural Mission in Iraq have always benefited from advice and guidelines of Iraqi Grand Ayatollahs to advance its cultural goals.  






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