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First Round of Religious Dialogue between Iran and France:

Ebrahimi Turkman: All religions call for cleanness and protection of environment

Head of Islamic Culture and Relation Organization (ICRO) talking about emphasis made by all religions on importance of cleanness and protection of environment said no religion encourages destruction nature by mankind and that Divine religions are tasked to make human being morally and conceptually aware of the importance of nature and environment.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkman speaking at the first round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and France which was held today Jan. 7 in Tehran, while congratulating the Christian New Year and hoping that the talks become useful said one of the issue that should be taken into consideration with respect to environmental questions is right of human being in exploitation of the nature.

He said man is entitled to exploit the nature but all through the history, mankind has not confined himself to limits of his right and always have exceeded the boundaries of what he has been entitled to do with nature adding that in some cases trespassing his rights has been so grave that he has inflicted irreparable damage to others.

Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said some 110 years ago this concept was brought up that nobody can hurt others and violate their rights under the pretext of practicing his own rights. This principle is safeguarded and respected in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran but since feeling ashamed and being repentant is not so strong in human being to be able to prevent him from invading the nature, that"s why there must be mandatory laws to prevent any damage to nature and environment.

 Ebrahimi Turkman went on to say that today the right of man to make use of the nature has gone as far as damaging the nature and in case human being would think that nature is a legacy left behind by his forefathers he could do whatever he wanted with the nature but the fact is that nature is a wealth belonging to our children and we are the guardian of their wealth and can"t do whatever we want with the nature and we should try to be good guardian of what has been given to us and preserve it. In the Holy Quran it has been said that almighty God has created the earth free of gender, belief and time for all generations.

He said when we hurt the nature and overuse the natural resources and in fact are consuming the shares of those who are to come after us and kindle a fire that they have not played any part in its ignition. Mr. Turkman said damage to environment started with rise and expansion of technology and such technological progress has encouraged consumerism and prevention of this process is in hands of religions because we are faced with some moral and spiritual question.

Nature is the Reflection of Almighty God

religions refer to nature as a path to know the Almighty God a point asserted in the Holy Quran. When we destroy the symbol of God, we in fact wage a war against God and war against nature is considered as against God, said Mr. Ebrahimi in his opening remarks at the first round of religious talks between Tehran and Paris.

He said destruction of nature and taking exploitative approach towards it will annoy the Almighty God and added that today unfortunately instead of worshiping God, people are worshiping the Technology.

Head Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and a member of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution said technology is just a means for improvement of quality of life and acquiring knowledge but nature is a sign of God. Man is a part of universe and should not think of himself as owner of the world because by such outlook he will inflict heavy damage to environment adding that if human being comes to this understanding that he is part of the universe, which is a religious teaching, then he will never let himself to do any harm to nature and his living environment.

He expressed hope that the first round of talks to be come just the beginning of friendship and consultation among divine religions and said followers of heavenly religions are aware of the importance of nature and environment and it is hoped that such awareness to improve and continue.








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