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First round of religious talks between Iran and France

Presidential Advisor for Religions and Ethnic Minorities said government of Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the initiative for dialogue about protection of environment adding that this dialogue that heavenly religions support protection of environment is a very valuable concept.

According to Public Relation Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Hojatoleslam Yonesi speaking at a conference currently underway in Tehran between Iranian and France religious scholars on the need to protect environment, said In Holy Quran a verse says Almighty God has created man with a mission on the Earth and has asked to develop this planet which mean the mission man has on Earth is to work for development of this world.

 He added that God has instructed man to accomplish his mission and duty in best manner. In all divine religions the question of Paradise has been referred in a symbolic manner and God created the Heaven to provide comfort and welfare to man but when man exceeded his limits God took away the Paradise from man and sent him to Earth and gave him a mission to build a new heaven with his own hands and this time in order to build the new heaven on earth we have to work hard and go through lots of toils.

 Hojatoleslam Yonesi said today people have once again turned to religions of course out of desperation created by industry and technology.

 He added that these days technology has turned to a plight for human being and made the life difficult because of various environmental pollutions and that"s why man has turned to religion. Man must pursue religion in order to develop religious understanding and come to this conclusion that religion can help mankind to save the environment that man has destroyed by his own hands.  

First round of dialogue between Islam and Catholic Christianity was inaugurated Monday morning Jan. 7 at Islamic Culture and Relation Organization compound in center of Tehran attended by 4 French Christian Scholars Headed by Jane Noel Avlin, Bishop of Marseille and a number of Iranian Muslim scholars.

The topic of discussion at this round of talks is importance of environment in Islam and Catholic Christianity.


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