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First Round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and France

Bishop Barikian: Dialogue is the path leading to common understanding

Representative of Armenian Church in Tehran in his speech at the Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and France said when heart of man nears purity, the mankind get closer to each other through dialogue and reach common understanding.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Bishop Barikian said we believe that God is the origin of the nature and God has made man his agent in this world and said I hope that the first round of Interreligious dialogue between Iran and France to become like a light to illuminate Iranian and French Culture.

 He said Nature without man becomes meaningless and man without nature lose its meaning and we believe as long as mankind behaves in manner expected from human being, the nature will survive and continue its life.

A French priest who is in charges of religious conferences in France speaking at the Iran- France Interreligious dialogue, talked about relations between man and nature and said science and progress made by man are all a blessing by God a gift from heaven and a shared wealth and therefore we should treat the nature in a heavenly manner.

Henry De La oak said people instead of cooperating with God are competing against God and in a greedy manner try to rob the nature and instead of treating nature as his home, takes away whatever wants from the nature.

 He said safeguarding the nature is a duty for human being and a divine obligation and heavenly religions should cooperate on saving the nature and environment.

First round of dialogue between Islam and Catholic Christianity was inaugurated Monday morning Jan. 7 at Islamic Culture and Relation Organization compound in center of Tehran attended by 4 French Christian Scholars Headed by Jane Noel Avlin, Bishop of Marseille and a number of Iranian Muslim scholars.

The topic of discussion at this round of talks is importance of environment in Islam and Catholic Christianity.


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