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First Round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and France

Ayatollah Taskhiri: In the holy Quran, God has instructed the man how to treat the nature

Advisor to Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Islamic World Affairs, Ayatollah Taskhiri, in his speech at the 2-day Interreligious Dialogue Conference between Iran and France in Tehran said in the Holy Quran Almighty God has used three words to explain the manner man can deal with the nature,take hold of, rule and develop.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Ayatollah Taskiri said God has provided whatever human being needs in the nature but unfortunately man through discrimination in distribution of blessings of God, is ruining the nature.

Another speaker of the gathering, Ardeshir Khorshian, the Zoroastrian priest, said Iranians are among the most ancient nations who paid due attention to nature, adding that nature is a God given gift to human being.

 He said we should first have a true knowledge of ourselves and nature for being able to know the God.

The Zoroastrian Priest said we should be believer and grasp the true sense of religion.

 He said it is dose not too much matter what religion we believe in, the point is that we should adhere to teachings of our religion and be conscience adding that function of religion is to create consciousness through wisdom and vice versa.

 The 4-mmember France delegation taking part in the gathering is headed by Marseille Bishop and Chairman of the Council of French Catholic Universities, Cardinal Jane Noel Avlin and Iranian Muslim scholars represented Iranian side in the interreligious talks.

Topic such as protection of environment as brought up in Islamic and catholic Christian texts, violence and extremism as a cause of destruction of environment, responsibility of political and religious leaders in protection of environment and how is it possible to move in path of promoting environmental protection and help its sustainability.






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