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closing ceremony

First round of interreligious dialogue between Iran and France

By holding the final ceremony of the first round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and France at the compound of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, this 2-day gathering came to close.  

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Dr. Housein Salami, a faculty member of University of Religions and Faiths delivered his speech titled "Astonishment" and said this concept has 6 dimensions namely: Judgement, Openness, Passiveness, Experiencing magnitude and respecting astonishing topics.

He said by watching nature and environment we can become astonished adding that the one who has not experienced astonishment can"t respect the environment and those who experience astonishment become humble and don"t look at nature and environment materially.

Faculty member of Qom International University, Ahmadreza Touhidi who also took the podium at the closing ceremony of the conference talked about the heavy damaged caused by terrorist groups to environment.

 He also referred to measures taken by some dictatorial governments which have been detrimental to environment like improper dams constructed in neighboring countries and dust, 66 times more than the tolerable level.   

 The university professor went on to say that US government is responsible for air pollution in our mega cities by imposing sanctions and depriving us from procuring air purifying filters and technology to produce better quality petrol.  

 He also blame unbridled migration from rural areas to towns and cities as another factor responsible for destruction of environment.

Priest Vincent froldi, Vatican envoy to France for his part said when talking about environment we should not forget to take political factors into account as well, adding that government should realize that we have joint moral obligation to safeguard public wealth. He said construction of dam might be useful in one way or another but we should also look at the negative impact of dams on the nature and environment.

Cardinal Jane Noel Avlin, Head of French delegation and chief executive official of French Catholic Universities was the last speaker at the first round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and France.

Talking about the need to protect the environment, the French high ranking Christian clergy said environment is a god given asset to mankind to leave in peace beside each other and nature is a source of astonishment for man and to get closer to God through this feeling.

He said  finally I pray for Christians and Muslim stay next to each other and be so vigilant in the today world to realize that man must not disregard his abilities and try live a proper and righteous life.




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