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South African University Professor:

Interreligious relation in Iran is peaceful/ Nelson Mandela praised Iranians

A South African Pretoria University Professor said Nelson Mandela the legendry leader of anti-apartheid movement and founder of African National Congress and his party were supported by Iran.

  According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Maniraj Sokdvan, the Interreligious Dialogue activist and Professor of Theology Faculty of Pretoria University who is currently visiting the holy city of Mashhad to taking part at Imam Reza (AS) International Conference, in an interview with Fars News agency said we have good relations with Iranian Cultural Mission to Pretoria and Tehran University.

He added that, recently we held an Interreligious Dialogue attend by professors of Pretoria and Tehran Universities which was very useful and helped us to improve our knowledge.

He added that in September 2017, a cooperation agreement was signed between Pretoria and Tehran Universities aimed at holding interreligious dialogues.

The South African University lecturer said now I am visiting the nice and beautiful country of Iran to present my paper at the Imam Reza (AS) International Conference.

He said in my opinion we should work for promotion of culture and religion through universities and I am thinking to work with Islamic Culture and Relations organization to organize interreligious dialogue in Sought Africa.

Talking about Mandela, Mr. Skovan said South African national leader praised Iranians and during his historical visit to Iran he talked about his ideas with Iranian top officials adding that South African people like their late leader Mandela, have a positive view about Iranians.






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