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Iran and Afghanistan to expand cultural relations

At a meeting between Iranian Cultural Attaché to Kabul and Afghan Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, two sides agreed on the need for promotion of bilateral Cultural ties.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO),

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Kabul, Reza Maleki met Mr. Sanjaraki, Deputy Minister of information and Culture for Publications and Ms. Mostafavi, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture for Administration, Finance and Tourism of Afghanistan   and exchanged views about expansion of cultural relations.

 Iranian cultural representative to Kabul, referring to 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution said his office has plans to celebrate the occasion by holding a scientific conference on achievements of Islamic Revolution, Children"s Book Fair, Poetry night and several other cultural events.

He said Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture has extended help and cooperation to Iranian Cultural Mission in Kabul and said he hope to see the cooperation to grow further in the future.

Mr. Sanjaraki said cultural relations between Iran and Afghnistan is in good shape but because of common history, religion and culture, Afghan and Iranian nations deserve to have greater cultural cooperation.

Ms. Mostafavi for her part said Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood alongside Afghan government and people and that"s why we will do our utmost to promote our cultural ties with Tehran.





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