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Deputy Chairman of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization

Islamic Revolution is Unique in its all dimension

 Deputy Chairman of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization for International Cultural Relations speaking in Syria on the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution said Islamic Revolution is Unique in all its dimensions.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICO) Mr. Abbas Khameyar said I would like to assure you that Islamic Republic of Iran, despite all pressures and continuous sanctions, as before is committed to its principles and supports Islamic and Arb Ummah and Palestinian question.

He said be sure that Iran is not the same as Wahhabi and Zionist media depict because those media do not reflect the true image of Iran.

 Khameyar referred to achievements of Iran during the past 40 years and said Islamic Revolution is unique because after 40 years is not suffering from problems that other revolutions were faced with and is as vibrant as ever before and is continuing its path vehemently.


He said what has saved the Revolution is people and popular support and you will see in few days how people come to street to show their support for the Revolution. This Revolution has its influence intact under the leadership of Imam Khamenei and we will witness this on Feb 1, the victor day of the Islamic Revolution.

According to Khameyar, another unique characteristics of the Islamic Revolution is its independence and the slogan of the Revolution was independence. Revolution had three slogans of Independence, Freedom and Islamic Republic and if someone thinks that sanctions are a new measure, he is mistaken.

He said in areas such as launching satellites, Nano-technology, industry, agriculture and medicine, Iran have made great progress and all of these have been achieved while the country has been under widespread sanctions by relying on a slogan by Imam Khomeini " (We Can).

 One more sector which Islamic Republic has made progress is film industry and Imam thinkings about cinema.

Talking about religious achievements of Iran Mr. Khameyar said in areas such study of the holy Quran, strengthening the culture of martyrdom, seclusion and participation of one million people in this ritual, Iran has made considerable progress.


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