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Review of achievements of 40 years of Islamic Revolution by a panel in China

An especial panel in China reviewed achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the past 40 years since victory of the Islamic Revolution.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the panel attended by Chinese academics and researchers took place at the Iranian Embassy in Beijing.

Iranian Ambassador to China, Mr. Mohammad Keshavarz Zadeh in his opening remarks said 40 years ago on Feb.11,1979, the glorious Islamic Revolution of Iranian people took place and by will of the nation and under the leadership of the late Imam Khomeini (RA) a democratic system of government was established in the country.

He said after 4 decades, Islamic Republic of Iran is stronger than ever and as the most stable country in the region, is celebrating its revolution.

Iranian Ambassador went on saying that the present strength of my country has been achieved despite all kinds of pressures and restrictions.

Commenting on Tehran-Beijing bilateral relations, Keshavarz Zadeh said history of the two countries relations dates back to 2500 years ago and right from the beginning to the present time, relations between Iran and China has been friendly. Iranian civilization has played a central role in the ancient Silk Road and their interaction through this road has contributed to progress and development of their civilizations and people.

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Beijing Abbas Ali Vafaee speaking at the gathering while referring to friendly relations between Tehran and Beijing said cultural ties between the two countries is a sign of friendship and cooperation of the two nations.

Chancellor of Beijing"s Architecture University said relations between Iran and china goes back to 2 centuries B.C and based on the historical documents an envoy named Jang Chian was sent to west and court of Iranian kingdom of the time and the Silk Road which was a trade rout opened at that time between China and Rome.

He added that the project called "One Road one Belt" is a bridge to establish ties with other nations and we have set up an international forum of universities called International Association of Architecture Universities of countries along the route of Silk Road and invite Iranian universities to join this establishment so that cooperation among academic centers of two countries to expand further and we can train manpower for construction and architectural sectors and help development of infrastructures along the Silk Road.

Professor Vang Feng from Ning Shia University called for expansion of relation between Iran and China and said today we have gathered here on the occasion of 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Iranian civilization forms a major part of world civilization and there lots of signs and sites in several Chinese cities and Iranian cities like Isfahan, Tabriz and other locations reminding the ancient ties between the two nations, said the Chinese professor.

The Professor of Ning Shia University said China has always been a reliable partner for Iran and whishes to boost its relations with Tehran in various areas adding that China and Iran are natural partners for building One Road One Belt project.  

Other participants from various Chinese universities also talked about diplomatic viewpoints of the Supreme Leader, and 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution.








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