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Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkman arrived at Tokyo

The Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization at the invitation of Kogakan University, the main academic center for teaching Shintoism in Japan, arrive at Tokyo of Wednesday afternoon Feb.5 and was welcomed by Iranian and Japanese officials.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations organization (ICRO), Mr. Turkman is visiting Japan to attend the first round of Interreligious dialogue between Islam and Shintoism.

Mr. Ebrahimi, during his visit to Japan in addition to delivering the opening speech at the interreligious seminar, will also meet chairman of Japanese Peace Foundation, Head of national library of Japanese Parliament and Chancellor of Kogakan University and discuss promotion of bilateral cooperation and scientific and academic cooperation between the two nations.

Upon arriving at Tokyo, Mr. Turkman in a brief interview said the objective behind his visit to Japan is promotion of cultural relations between the two nations adding that he will meet some Japanese official and scholars and try to use the existing potentials to boost various cultural cooperation between the great countries of Iran and Japan.

He also talked about the 90th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Iran and Japan which has coincided with 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution.

 The Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said historical and cultural relations between Iran and Japan dates back to 1400 years ago and relations between the two countries have always been friendly and mutual respect.

The gathering of Islamic and Shintoism scholars is due to take place on February 9 at the initiative of Iranian Cultural Mission to Tokyo and Kogakan University of Japan which is the main academic center for teaching Shintoism.

The Interreligious Dialogue Center of ICRO and Ise Temple of Japan which is the holiest Shinto site in Japan, are also involved in the forthcoming seminar.





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