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Ebrahimi Turkman meets the Head of Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Call for Iran-Japan Cultural Dialogue

Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkman on Friday Feb.8, met the Head of the Japanese Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Mr. Nobouo Tanaka and discussed ways of boosting bilateral cooperation and starting of cultural dialogue between the two countries and conducting art and cultural programs.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mr. Turkman who was accompanied by Iranian Ambassador Rahmani Movahed, Cultural Attache Mr. Housein Divsalar and scientific representative, Mr. Bani Hashemi, by commenting on the important position of Sasakawa Peace Foundation and activities of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said these two institutions can play an important role on conducting various art and cultural programs and specialized gatherings adding that Iranian side is ready to work for implementation of such programs and conferences.

The Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization went on saying that today the most effective means to overcome international problems and crisis is dialogue and providing better knowledge and understanding of common cultures among nations. He added that so far Islamic Culture and relations Organization has held more than 100 interreligious and cultural dialogue with numerous countries and we hope that by holding the first round of talks between Muslim and Shinto scholars between Iran and Japan in Japanese city of Ise, we can pave the way for better understanding between the Iranian and Japanese people.

Mr. Ebrahimi Turkman said since Iranian Ambassador to Japan is quite familiar with Japanese culture and society we hope that in the future relations between the two nations to improve further.

 The Head of Sasakawa Peace Foundation Mr. Tanaka talked about the prominent status of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and said we are glad that such an important organization is concerned with deepening of cultural relations between Tehran and Tokyo. He said I have always praised the Iranian civilization and culture and hope that we can plan for implementation of cultural programs.

Mr. Tanaka also said that cultural dialogue is quite important for improving cultural ties and understanding of nations from each other.

 Then Iranian Ambassador to Japan Mr. Rahmani Movahed while talking about good historical relations between Iran and Japan said we are glad that the Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization who is a distinguished cultural official and activist is visiting Japan pursuing promotion of cultural ties between the two countries.

He added that Sasakawa Peace Foundation has a good record in expansion of Cultural relations between Iran and Japan and added that dialogue contribute to peace and stability.

He said cooperation between Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and Sasakawa Peace Foundation in holding Interreligious dialogue is a major undertaking by these two institutions to boost bilateral cultural ties.

  The gathering of Islamic and Shintoism scholars started on February 9 at the initiative of Iranian Cultural Mission to Tokyo and Kogakan University of Japan which is the main academic center for teaching Shintoism. The Interreligious Dialogue Center of ICRO and Ise Temple of Japan which is the holiest Shinto site in Japan are also involved in the holding of this seminar.





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