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First round of Iran and Japan Interreligious Dialogue inaugurated

The first round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and Japan titled "Status of Familiy in Islam and Shintoism" was officially inaugurated on Feb.9 at Japanese Ise Temple.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the seminar is being attended by the Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (Icro) Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkman, Chancellor of Kogakan University, Mr. Shimizo (the most important academic center for teaching Shintoism in Japan), Iranian Cultural Attache to Tokyo, Mr. Housein Divsalar, university professor Hojatoleslam Hakim Elahi, Vice Chancellor of Al Mustafa International University Japanese branch, Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Savada (a prominent cultural and academic figure, representative of Ise Temple) and a group of interested Japanese individuals.

The first round of interreligious dialogue between Iran and Japan is being held on the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution and 90th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Tokyo by the initiative of Iranian Cultural Attache to Japan and Kogakan University and help of Iranian Embassy as well as the Interreligious and Cultural Center of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and Ise Temple.

In this gathering, in addition to Muslim Scholars, a number of Shinto priest including professor of Riokoko University Mr. Sano, Iranologist, Mr. Takashi Matsumoto, the Head Shinto Study Group of Kogakan University, Professor of Education Expansion Center of Kogakan University, Mr. Masanari Itaee, Head of Research Center of Shintoism Temples Organization, Reverend Hitoshi Okaechi and a few other Shinto scholars are due to present their papers during the 2-day seminar.   



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