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Japan Film Week underway in Tehran

On the occasion of 90th anniversary of diplomatic Relations between Iran and Japan, a ceremony is being held in Tehran titled Japan Film Week by Farabi Cinema Foundation.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Farabi Cinema Foundation assisted by the Expatriate Iranian Affairs Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Department, the Japan Film Week is being held in Tehran on the occasion of 90th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Tokyo and 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The week long cultural event started on Tuesday February 26, is taking place at the Kia Rostami Hall at Farabi Cinema Foundation Compound in Tehran.

A large number of Iranian cultural and political officials along with foreign diplomats residing in Tehran attended the opening ceremony of the event named Japanese Cultural Day.

General Manager of Farabi Cinema Foundation, Alireza Tabesh in his opening remarks said although the official diplomatic relations between Iran and Japan started 90 years ago but friendship and trade ties between the two nations date back to centuries ago.

He Referred to Japan as the land of Sun and light and talked about Japanese culture and civilization and the Eastern World which helps to understand the history and existence of mankind.  

The Japanese Plenipotential Minister to Tehran also present at the gathering said this year marks the 90th anniversary of establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Iran and Japan adding that Japanese Embassy in Tehran has several programs to mark this occasion and promote interaction between the two nations.

Mr. Noro Morikawa, said the Japanese Embassy tries its best to make Iranian people and the Youth in Particular with Japanese way of Life.

 He said watching movies and animations could help Iranian people to become more familiar with Japanese culture.





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