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Publication of a booklet titled International Cultural Activities of European Union

Islamic Culture and Relations Organization has published a booklet titled "International Cultural Activities of European Union "through the efforts of Iranian Cultural Mission in Madrid.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the 40 -page booklet has been published in 100 copies by Al Hoda International Publication Firm affiliated to Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

Getting Closer to Concept of Cultural Diplomacy, A dual Ration, Present Currents: Role of Governments << Spain>>, Backgrounds and Historical Development s, From the Time of Transition to Democracy Till the End of the Century, Recent Decade: Welfare and Crisis, Structure and Resources of Budgetary Institutions, Crevantes Institute , Spanish International Cooperation and Development Agency, Asian Cultural Action, Britain: Background and Historical Development, Organizational Structure and Financial Resources of British Council, British Art Council and Visual Arts,  System of Academic Activities: Chevening and Commonwealth, Media Relations: BBC World Service, France: Background and Historical Development,  Structure and Financial Resources of Alliance François, System of Academic Activities: Campus Francois, Foreign Relations: French Media World and Share of EU Participation make up the main chapters of the recently published booklet about international cultural activities of European Union.

The introduction of the booklet has been written by Iranian Cultural Attaché to Spain Alireza Esmaeeli. In page 25 of the booklet, the Spanish Cervantes Institute has been introduced. This is a public and non- profitable Institute affiliated to Spanish Foreign Ministry.





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