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First Round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and Germany (2)

Religion as an effective tool to fight ignorance




The first round of interreligious talks between the officials of Center for Interreligious Dialogue, affiliated to Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and German Catholic Academy was inaugurated on Tuesday March 5 in Tehran.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the talks are attended by Muslim and Christian scholars from Iran and Germany.

Rinner Ochelson, a German scholar of Protestant studies, speaking at the gathering said in Germany some 4 to 5 million Muslims live adding that at German high schools text books there are religious topic on Catholicism, Protestantism and Judaism but there is no topic on Islam in in such books.

According to this scholar, the German authorities reject the suggestions for including Islamic teachings in country"s high school text book and describe as conservative or stupid such recommendations.

 Ochelson said because of refusal by German authorities we have resorted to politicians and parliamentarians adding that our objective is confidence building and bridging the gap between Muslims and Christians.

The German religious scholar said our next step is to give a real and genuine idea about Islam to German people, especially to the youth in high schools and universities.

Member of Christianity- Islam Relations Commission at the German Central Catholic Council, Christian Strobel, also a member of German delegation attending the interreligious dialogue between Iran and Germany said in the past within each border, people of same religion were living and followers of different religions looked at each other in unfriendly manner but today, followers of different religion live next to each other and that"s why we can"t have negative attitude towards other adherents of other religions.

 He said in today world we can"t label non-Christian people and non- Christian way of life, such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism as alien cultures and something that has no relevance to our life.

Strobel said in the past it was believed that those outside the Christianity have no chance for salvation but a German theologist named Karl Raner rejected this interpretation of Christianity.

  According to this German Scholar of Catholic Christianity, in 1863, The Pope said there are 3 criteria for salvation: Practicing ethical rules that the almighty God has bestowed within the human soul, to be ready to surrender to divine will and finally doing what is originates from blessing and light of the heaven.





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