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Reviewing the cause of Iranophobia in neighboring countries and ways of encountering it

The gathering titled Iranophobia in neighboring countries and ways of encountering it was held at Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Headquarters on March 6 on the initiative of the Center for Strategic Studies of organization.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the seminar attended by experts of ICRO and the guest speaker was Seyyed Rasoul Mousavi, Foreign Minister"s Assistant and Managing Director of West Asia Department of the ministry.

Mr. Mousavi in his opening remarks briefly spoke of the importance of neighbors from Islamic perspective and the outlook of the Supreme Leader.

He said neighbors are important for two reasons: Generally speaking, foreign policy starts with neighbors, wars are waged by neighbors, security is entangled by neighbors and sustainable development is also possible by cooperation with neighbors.

The second reason for importance of neighbors is that in order to counter the project of depicting Iran as a security threat, we should work with our neighbors.     

The Assistant to Foreign Minister said the aim of depicting Iran as a security concern is to show that Iran is a threat for its neighbors and to foment Iranophobia feelings in our neighboring countries.

He added that following the Islamic Revolution, the United States put us in its own and its allies" agenda and Washington introduced Iran as security threat not only to its neighbors but the entire world. The US and Israel are the main factors behind the Iranophobia project and recently Saudi Arabia has also joined them.

Assistant for Foreign Minister said nuclear agreement has been a means to counter Iranophobia adding that in the past the UN Security Council used to pass resolutions against Iran and a widespread negative publicity was launched against us but position adapted by the Islamic Republic, defused the anti Iranian mentality in the world. He added that in case we ignore the Irnophobia project it would mean that we have decided to ignore our security.

The high ranking Foreign Ministry official said Iranopobia in countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium are matter of prestige for us but Irannophobia in counties such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and other neighboring countries directly threaten our national security.  


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