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Indonesian Room was opened at University of Islamic Sects:

Ebrahimi Turkman: Daesh is the outcome of misunderstanding of religion/ in order to clear the world from ignorance, we need to teach religion properly

Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Indonesian Room at University of Islamic Denominations in Tehran, while calling for expansion of scientific cooperation with Jakarta said Daesh is the result of misunderstanding of religion.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the opening ceremony of Indonesian Room at University of Islamic Denominations was attended by Mr. Turkman, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Housein Mokhtari, Chancellor of the University and Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador of Indonesia to Tehran, Octavino Alimeddin and a grope of professors and students of the said university.

 Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkman in his opening remarks said in Islam especial emphasis has been made on teaching which includes experimental science that can be proved or disproved but there are other sciences such as mysticism and religions that could not be proved or negated because such sciences are based on conviction and science of humanities are also mostly classified in this category of sciences.

He said when someone is convinced then belief and certainty will follow. Martyre Mottahari has said illiteracy is better than semi literacy and therefore Daesh is the product of misunderstanding of religion because our religion could not tell us to kill, added Mr. Turkman.

Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said what is important in understanding of religion, as has been reiterated by the Supreme Leader, is to refer to the main source of the religion which is the holy Quran, a point that fortunately is being practiced at University of Islamic Denominations.

Mr. Ebrahimi said education alone is not enough and a light and sparkle is also needed and that is the light of almighty God, adding that science in essence is also light and could be said that science has divine nature, science is a means that is able to lighten a lamp for mankind.

He went on saying that religion should make us one step closer to each other and not widen the gap further.

Head of Islamic culture and relations Organization, talking about Tehran- Jakarta relations said two counties have had historic cultural ties and hoped that two nations make mere effort to promote their cultural ties in areas such as exchange of university professors and students, providing study opportunities, establishing university branches adding that letters of understanding signed by officials of two countries should be implemented.

He finally thanked chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations and Indonesian Ambassador to Tehran for their efforts to boost cooperation between the two nations.






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