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Malaysian Islamic NGOs issue statement on recent flooding in Iran

 Head of Association of Sought East Asia Religious Scholars and Chairman of the Consultative Council of Malaysian Islamic Non-Governmental Organizations, in a joint statement condoled the loss of life and material damage to Iranian people during recent devastating and widespread flooding in the country.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the statement calls people of the world to help Iran to deal with severe flooding that has left behind long trail of death and destructions in thousands of villages and town and uprooted the infrastructures.

So far 70 people have lost their lives and 400 thousand people have been affected by floods and 200 villages have been washed away.

 The Malaysian Islamic NGOs have called on Muslim nations across the world to provide humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of flood stricken people of Iran.

They have also condemned the US government that prevents other nations from sending humanitarian aid to Iran.

The two prominent Malaysian Islamic Non- Governmental Organizations have said in the their joint communique that in similar occasions, the Muslim Nations have helped the victims of natural disasters in fellow Muslim countries but today because Iran is under pressure by the Western imperialist powers, the Islamic governments in a hypocritical manner refrain from assisting Muslim people of Iran and helping them to alleviate their suffering.    





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