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Turkman in meeting Turkish Ambassador to Tehran;

Iran Turkey should establish a Cultural Committee/ Revitalization of the Culture of Dialogue and Cultural interactions

The Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in his meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Tehran called for revitalization of the culture of dialog and Cultural interactions and proposed establishment of a Cultural Committee similar to the Joint Economic Committee between the two countries.

According to public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Doria Urs along with country"s religious representative in Iran Majid Jan and Cultural Attaché Mehmet Toshkin visited the Headquarters of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and during their meeting with Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkman discussed issues related to cultural cooperation between Tehran and Ankara.

Ebrahimi Turkman said ICRO is established to coordinate country"s overseas" cultural activities adding that his organization having 85 representative offices at 63 countries across the world is presenting a clear picture about Iranian culture and civilization outside the country.   

 He said expansion of privileges enjoyed by of Islamic Republic of Iran in other communities is taking place by is due to making use of ICRO"s organizational knowledge and its experts, and implementations of its program is being carried out through signing of cultural agreements and exchanges.

The Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization by referring to singing of cultural agreements between Tehran-Ankara in 1958 called for continued cooperation on various cultural areas.

Talking about the visit by Professor Erbash to Iran, Mr. Ebrahimi Turkman proposed establishment of a Cultural Committee saying that we have economic committee and why not to have a cultural one as well and discuss cultural and religious issues whenever the joint cultural committee is holding session.

 He also suggested holding of Film Weeks in cinemas in Tehran and Istanbul and dubbing of films into Persian and Turkish languages and recalled long time friendly relations between the two countries.

 The Head of ICRO said each year we invite a country to take part in Tehran International Book Fair as special gust and herby I invite turkey to be the fair"s special gust next year. He also briefed Turkish Ambassador to Tehran about numerous rounds of interreligious dialogue held between Iran and other countries including Vatican.  

The Turkish Ambassador, Doria Urs in his talks with Turkman spoke of his love and friendship towards Iranian people and the country and called for expansion of cooperation in economic, cultural and political areas.

He underlined the need to promote friendship and brotherhood between the two nations and said along with political diplomacy we should also work for boosting cultural diplomacy because experiences show that cultural diplomacy is more effective than that of political one.

Mr. Doria Urs said Turkish people are very eager to learn Persian language adding that in recent years many Turkish books have been translated to Persian and expressed hope that cooperation in this sector also to strengthen in the future.




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