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The person in charge of Indian Hajj committee calls for cooperation with Iranian Hajj and pilgrimage Organization

The Head of executive section of Indian Hajj Committee in his meeting with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Bombay expressed his organization"s interest to cooperate with Iranian Haj and Pilgrimage Organization.

According to Public Relations Department of Organization of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Head of Iranian Cultural House in Bombay, Mohsen Ashori met the Head of Executive Section of Indian Hajj Committee Maghsud Ahmad Khan and his Deputy Mr. Sadighi and discussed issues of mutual interests.

They discussed ways of communication and cooperation between Indian Haj Committee and Iranian Haj and Pilgrimage Organization. The Indian Official said each year some 200 thousands Indian Muslims are send to Macca in Major Hajj Pilgrimage, 140 thousands by state organized tours and the rest by private travel agencies.

 Maghsud Ahmad Khan said the workshops for teaching Hajj ritual to those who are being dispatched to Macca are held in Bombay and hajj pilgrims from all across the country come to Bombay to attend this training workshops.

Iranian Cultural Representative to Bombay said Hajj is the reflection and symbol of unity of Islamic Ummah adding that Hajj diplomacy is the most important diplomacy that Muslim nations should pay due attention to it.

 Mr. Ashori said late Imam Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Revolution, from the early days of the Islamic Revolution and then the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution each year during the Hajj season have had issued a statement and  calling for an Abrahamian Hajj. He added that, Abrahamian Hajj has special characteristics that pilgrims should observe them.








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