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Turkmenistan Cultural Week to be Held in Iran

Deputy Chairmen of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Seyed Mohammad Housein Hashemi in his meeting with Turkmenistan"s Ambassador to Tehran said Iran is due to host Turkmenistan cultural week.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mr. Hashemi met Turkmenistan Ambassador Mr. Ghorbanev and First Secretary of the Embassy Mr. Farhad on Sunday morning June 2 and exchanged views on formalities of holding Turkmenistan cultural week in Iran hosed by Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

Referring to friendly relation and constructive cooperation between Iran and Turkmenistan, Hashemi said the visit by Cultural Deputy of ICRO to Turkmenistan and signing of cultural agreements between the two countries have contributed to promotion of relations between the two nations.

He added that holding cultural weeks is a sign of good ties and interactions between Iran and Turkmenistan and will help people of the two countries to become more familiar with each other.

The Iranian high ranking cultural official in his talk with Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Tehran said culture plays a major role in international relation.

According to Deputy Chairman of ICRO, the cultural week of Turkmenistan is due to take place in Iran on June 16-18 through collective efforts by Turkmenistan Ministry of Culture, Iranian Cultural Attaché to Turkmenistan and Department of Cultural Cooperation and Iranian Expatriates Affairs.

He added that on June 15 a group of Turkmen prominent musicians and artists will arrive in Tehran and for 3 days will showcase their arts including music, handicrafts, poem reading and visual arts for Iranian visitors.

Turkmenistan Minister of Culture will also visit Iran at the time of country"s cultural week and in addition to meeting Iranian officials will visit Iranian National Library.

The Turkmenistan Ambassador to Tehran expressed his pleasure for expansion of his countries relations with Islamic Republic of Iran and said there are considerable potentials in both countries for promotion of their cultural ties.

 Mr. Gorbanev said we hope that the forthcoming cultural event like the previous occasion which took place 3 years ago to be held in a glorious event and very successful.


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