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Conference of solidarity with struggle of the Palestinian people held in Greek capital



A conference was held in Athens in solidarity with struggle of Palestinian People attended by representatives of Greek political parties, scholars and both Sunni and Shiite Muslims dignitaries.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the gathering was held at Karavel Hotel in Athens on commemoration of International Quds Day.

 The conference was sponsored by Iranian Cultural Mission in Athens, National Association of Shiites, Greek Muslim Community and political and scientific institutions supporting Palestinian cause.

Speaking at this glorious gathering, representative of Greek Shiite Community, Ashir Heidar, referring to oppressed people of Palestine, underlined the need to support and express solidarity with Palestinians.

He said the US government and other supporters of the Zionist regime have been defeated in their confrontation with the brave Palestinian people and other members to Resistance Front.

The secretary of the Shiite Community in Greek said all throughout the history no other nation has been subject to daily aggression like people of Palestine adding that while Palestinian are being savaged barbarically each day by Zionist aggressors, some countries under American patronage are cooperating with Zionist regime and walking openly along with Donald Trump against Muslims and preparing the ground for implementation of the so called "Deal of the Century" which means selling out the Quds.

He said the enemies should know that Quds belong to Muslims and is not for sale.

The Iranian Cultural Attache to Athens took the podium and briefed the audience about the ordeal and suffering of Palestinian nation since the establishment of the illegitimate and fabricated Zionist regime in 1947 by US and British governments aimed at plundering the oil and gas resources of the Muslim nations of the Middle East.

 He said during the past 70 years hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinian children, women and youth has been killed in the hands of the Zionist regime or have been driven out from their motherland.

Ali Mohammad Helmi went on saying that following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran declared the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as International Quds day and by such initiative called the Muslim Ummah to support the Palestinian struggle and a new chapter was started in Palestinian campaign against the occupying regime.

Mufti Hafez Jamali, the leader of Muslim Community of northern Greek was the next speaker who said Imam Khomeini by announcing International Quds Day foiled the plot by the United States and its regional allies as well as supporters of the Zionist regime.

He added that those who have created Zionist regime and are plotting to seize the dear Quds, the first Qibla of Muslims should know that the Muslim Ummah will not allow them to commit such crime.

Greek Foreign Minister in a message that was read by his deputy had supported tow state solution for ending Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Referring to problems and homelessness of Palestinian People, the Greek Foreign Minister in his message has said in order to put an end to suffering and killings of oppressed Palestinian people, they should have a viable country of their own in their motherland.  





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