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Iranian Cultural Attaché to Italy talks about his activities

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Rome in a gathering of representatives of foreign cultural institutions in Italy elaborated on the activities of Iranian Cultural Mission in Italian Capital.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the objective behind the gathering was to provide an opportunity for introducing cultural institutions and Municipality of Rome to each other in order to pave the ground for improved relations and boosting their cooperation.

At the second day of the gathering Akbar Gholi, Iranian Cultural Attaché to Rome talked about his activities during his 3 years assignment and elaborated on his future programs which require assistance of Italian cultural institutions.

He spoke of the history of the cultural relations between Iran and Italy and said Iranian Cultural Missions overseas are representative of Islamic Culture and Relation Organization as the sole responsible entity for Iran"s cultural diplomacy.

 Mr. Gholi said teaching Persian language, academic cooperation, translation and publications, holding exhibitions, screening of films, cooperation on archeological works and organizing concerts are among major activities of his mission during the past 3 years.

Then deputy mayor of Rome briefed the gathering about the potentials and plans of the capital"s municipality for cooperating with foreign cultural missions.









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