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Ugandan Grand Mufti praises Iran for its cultural efforts

During the closing ceremony of holy Quran National Competition in Kampala, the Grand Mufti of Uganda thanked Iran for its cultural activities in this African country.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the closing ceremony of Quranic competition among Ugandan reciters was attended by Sheikh Shaaban Ramazan Moyajeh, the Grand Mufti of Uganda, Iranian Cultural Attache to Kampala, Qezelsofla, a number of prayer leaders and local religious dignitaries.

The Grand Mufti of Uganda speaking at the ceremony which was held after the Friday Prayer ritual in Kampala, thanked Iranian Cultural Attaché for organizing Quranic competition, supporting cultural and religious programs and presented him with an Appreciation Certificate.

Sheikh Shaaban advised Ugandan prayer leaders to refrain from sectarian comments in their sermon which contributes to terrorism and conflicts and instructed them to advocate unity, dialogue, peace and brotherhood among followers of Divine religions.

He added that Iranian Cultural Attaché to Kampala cooperates with the Supreme Council of Ugandan Muslims in numerous areas and on behalf of Ugandan people he thanked Mr. Qezelsofla for his cultural activities in this African country.

 Iranian Cultural attaché for his part said this Quranic competition has no loser but all of those who have taken part in this contest are winners.

 He added that the Holy Quran is the corner stone of Islam and the most perfect Divine Scripture that meets all the material and spiritual needs of human being.

Qezelsofla said one of objectives behind reading and memorizing the holy Quran is to act in accordance to its teachings, adding that the holy Quran is the panacea to all kind of problems faced by contemporary man.

He added that knowledge and science without religious beliefs could have unpleasant consequences and science and technology without spirituality could lead to aggression, insecurity, conflict and tyranny in human community.

The holy Quran recitation and memorizing competition was held in a period of 20 days among Ugandan primary and secondary schools students and 120 paticipating students received their prize from the organizers of this event.





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