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6th Iranology Seminar under the motto of:

Step by Step from Nairobi to Iran

After signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by Iranian Cultural Mission to Nairobi and Kenyan authorities, introduction of Iranian Room and Persian Language classes at Nairobi University took place on Aug.7 attended by a group of professors and students.

According to Public Relation Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Head of the Faculty of Religions and Philosophy of Religions of Nairobi University as the host, thanked Cultural Attaché of Islamic Republic of Iran for accepting the invitation to speak about present Iran for those who want to know more about economic, scientific potentials of Islamic Republic of Iran following the victory of Islam Revolution and country"s geographical location.

 He talked about his several visits to Iran adding that to have an appropriate knowledge about Iran, one should personally visit this unique country to witness security, tranquility, coexistence of followers of various religions and Ethnic groups within this nation.

 Then, Iranian Cultural Attaché to Nairobi speaking at the same gathering said the motto I have chosen for this seminar is "Step by Step All Together from Nairobi to Iran" adding that the first and most important reason for choosing this title is the poisonous and contradictory news published about Iran these days across the world most of them being baseless. I feel obliged to speak the reality about my country in all areas and if there is any possible doubt, you better hear the answer from official representative of the country.

Mr. majlesain said Iranian Cultural Mission in Nairobi has signed Memorandum of Understanding with University of Nairobi to open Iranian Room at this university and then start Persian Language classes.

He said Iranian Cultural Mission is authorized to offer scholarship on all academic studies to Kenyan students to follow up their higher educations in Iranian universities.






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