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High ranking Tunisian cultural official:

Iran has rich culture and ancient civilization

Director General of International Cooperation Department of Tunisian Ministry of Culture in a meeting with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Tunisia said Iran has rich culture and ancient civilization.

According To Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Ms. Faeghe Al-Awani and Iranian Cultural Attaché, Meisam Farahani during their meeting discussed the prospect for promotion of cultural relations between the two nations based on the Memorandum of Understanding and agreements signed by Tehran and Tunis.

 The Tunisian high ranking official expressed her satisfaction for the state of two countries cultural ties and called for further improvement of such relations.

She added that the Tunisian government is willing to expand its cultural relations with Iran based on signed documents by governments of two countries and is also ready to boost its cooperation with Iranian Cultural Mission to Tunis.

 Ms. Al- Awani while talking about translation of books, screening of films and holding of concert said Iran is a culturally rich country with ancient history and such characteristics provide an appropriate opportunity for strengthening of cooperation in cultural related areas.

She talked about extensive interactions between Tehran and Tunisia in various fields especially publication of books and said presence of Iran at the recent Book Fair in Tunisia is a sign of attention paid by Iranian officials to such area of cooperation.

Director General of International cooperation Department of Tunisian Ministry of Culture also talked about Fajr International Film Festival and said Iran has made considerable progress in film industry.

Referring to Persian language classes being held in Tunisia, Ms. Al- Awani said people her country are very eager to learn Persian language adding that Persian language classes is a major and durable initiative within the Iranian and Tunisian cultural relations.

She also talked about the great interest shown by Tunisian people to Iranian TV series and said the "Yousef the Messenger" TV series has been shown sevral time by Tunisian TV networks.

Director General of International Cooperation Department of Tunisian Ministry of Culture said her Ministry is ready to invite Iranian artists and musicians to various international festival in Tunisia.

Dialogue among cultures and civilizations is rooted in sense of culture

 The Iranian Cultural Attaché for his part talked about the constructive role of culture in bolstering relations among nations and strengthening of official and diplomatic ties among governments adding that efforts by Tunisian Ministry of Culture in promoting cultural ties with other nations originates from the outlook of country"s government towards cultural interactions and preparing the ground for making people various countries familiar with each other.

 Maisam Frahani said choosing Tunis as Cultural Capital of the world which its closing ceremony will take place on December 2019, provides a good opportunity for displaying various cultural achievements of the country and promotion of cultural interactions with countries of the World of Islam.

He also called for easing the procedures and formalities for exchange of art pieces and films between the two countries and said Iranian Cultural Mission to Tunisia is ready to dispatch Tunisian experts on manuscripts to Iran in coordination with Tunisian Ministry of Culture, to become familiar with potentials of our country in this field.









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