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Iranian Cultural Attaché to Islamabad in meeting the Chairman of Pakistani Interreligion Peace Committee

In order to promote unity among Muslims, gathering will be held to elaborate on the virtues of Imam Hussein (AS)

The person in charge of Iranian Cultural Mission to Islamabad in meeting the Chairman of Pakistani Interreligion Peace Committee, Allameh Shafiq Alrahman, said in an effort to promote unity among Muslims, gatherings will be held to elaborate on the virtues of Imam Hussein (AS).

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations (ICRO), on the eve of the month of Mohrram, Allameh Shafiq Alrahaman met the official in charge of Iranian Cultural Mission Mohammad Reza Kaka and exchanged views on proximity of religions, unity and solidarity among Muslims.

Mohammad Reza Kaka talking about numerous cultural, religious and historical commonalities between two Muslim nations of Iran and Pakistan said due to such ties, relations between the two countries should expand considerably in areas such as religion and culture.

He added that today more than ever before Muslim are in need of unity and they should put aside minor differences so that they can work to solve problems of the Islamic world and facing the enemies.

The Pakistani religious scholar, Shafiq Alrahman said these days, we need more than before to promote ideas of the Late Imam Khomeini about the unity of Islamic world and the emphasis made by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei about proximity of various branches of Islam is source of pleasure for us.

This Sunni religious scholar said relations between Iran and Pakistan is like relations between body and the soul adding that we have always been affectionate toward infallible members of the Household of our Holy Prophet(PBUH) and Imam Hussein (AS) in Particular.

Iranian acting Cultural Attaché to Pakistan said Islam is the religion of peace and immunity but enemies of Islam take advantage of the weakness and disagreement between Muslims and add flame to conflicts among them. He added that we should come closer to each other and refrain from misunderstandings if we want to defuse the plots made by our enemies.      







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